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What does it mean if there's a hole in my tooth?
It doesn't hurt, and it isn't blackish or dark. It's just like a cave I noticed that I've never seen before. I could stick a toothpick in there and it'll stay. It doesn't go all the way to the gum either

Thanks in advance

I have those also on my two front teeth. Mine are kind of small tho....just big enough for a toothpick and they end just before my gum starts. I have shown them to my dentist and because i brush them good and things dont get stuck in them i dont need them filled but you should have your detist check them. They could be ok they might need to be filled.

Hope i helped

make an appt w/ dentist before it starts hurting.

King 1983
its a cavity, seek professional help before bacteria gets to it.

Dont know nuthin
Hole = cavity

Eventually, it will fill up with germs and junk and your tooth will rot from the inside out.... or you can get it filled.

You decide.

luke g
cavaties dont always hurt, you should go to the dentist before it does

the.journey.is.the.reward. C.P.
You're Very Welcome In Advance.
happy going to the dentist i hear its fatal.....lol.....not really.

Its a cavity, you need to have it filled before it goes to your roots and kills the nerves which will not only turn your tooth black, it will be extremely painful also.

u need a dentist soon,

This is called a cavity. Better get it filled.

Lady B
Its a cavity, when a cavity gets really bad it starts eating your tooth and starts forming a hole in it. You need to go to a dentist right away because if it gets really bad you might need to have a root canal and that hurt alot.

it's called a cavity
try to get a appointment w/ a dentist asap because if you dont they will have to remove the tooth if it gets to bad

its probably a cavity, go to the dentist to get it filled

Your Add Here!
it means it time to go see the dentist

eyebrows i would say eyebrows have something to do with it lol just kidding it couls be a cavity go see a dentist man!

You should make an appointment with your dentist BEFORE is starts to hurt. Toothaches are awful.

kent r
it means your lucky and you should use it as a charm to give you luck go to the hosptial

Rachel K
I had that happen to me as well. It's really weird to feel it with your tongue huh? It's a cavity and as long as you get to the dentist you'll just have to have it filled in. Nothing too bad as long as you take care of it. I'm fine with no further complications so you shouldn't be worried

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