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What does it feel like to have teeth removed?
Tommorrow I am getting 4 of my 2nd to back teeth out because they don't have adult teeth underneth, then the week after that I'm going to have braces put it. I hate injections so much, and with my 2 fillings I told them to hold the injection. I've seen my sister have teeth taken out before and it looks so..gross.

What does it feel like when the dentist has got your tooth in metal thing and yanking away?


beautifully broken
I got two teeth pulled as a kid, it wasn't that bad. I had no room in my mouth and needed braces, so they took 2 out. They injected me with anastesia which was in a needle in my gums which stung but that was it. Then my teeth were numb and they just pulled them out. You can feel them being pulled out but doesn't hurt. You bleed a lot and keep cotton in your mouth for a few hours. When the meds wear off it feels sore. Might not be able to eat for a few hours. That's all I remember.

depending on your situation, they give a local anesthetic so that you mouth goes num or if its wisdom teeth, they might put you out for a time. If they are good, there should be minimal pain afterwards.

I didn't feel it due to the shots. Baby teeth don't have the same root make up as perminent teeth. They should be a bit easier to remove but painfull still.I too have had fillings with no shot. Having the teeth pulled was very different then the pain of a filling. If they have to chisel them out you could have mega-pain.

Good luck!

ive had a few teeth pulled.all except for one time i was put to sleep.for me it was the wait for the novacaine(i hate needles too!!).to my surprise,when the doctor pulled my tooth it didnt hurt a bit(thank god for novacaine!) there was a little pressure when he pulled it but thas it..i had to take pain meds for a coulpa days,it ached a bit..hope this helps,good luck

Well, they numb you up so you can't feel anything, and don't be scared of the needle, because they usually rub this stuff on your gums to numb it up for the needle.
Then when they pull your tooth, you can't really feel anything, just a little pressure. Not too big of a deal.

Also, don't be afraid of the needle, I HATE needles...but the ones the dentist has are so small, they don't really hurt. Press lightly on your gum for one second with your finger nail...that is all you really feel, if that (because of the numbing stuff they put on before).

Henry B
My daughter has the same the same problem with injections.He gave her 1 Valium the night before to help relax her.Once you get past the injection all you should feel is a lot of pressure but no real pain.Even when the Novocaine wears off there may be some discomfort, but usually a Tylenol will take care of that.

well, there is a lot of bone crunching noise and pressure as most dentists use an elevator, a tool that shoves under the tooth so they can lift and apply steady force to cause the tooth to fly out of the socket and hit the dental assistant in the forehead!! I know cause it happened to me!!the dentist started laughing and the girl was just staring at me!and i started laughing ,probably cause I was on nitrous gas!! but it happened so quick it didnt hurt?

I've had 3 wisdom teeth removed. It doesn't hurt at all. The dentist first numbs my gums with the gel, then gives a shot to numb them. Only feeling I had was of him pulling to get them out, no pain whatsoever. And even after the numbness wears off, it never really hurt, He gave me medication for pain that I never even had to take.

Relax, it isn't that bad. I have long roots so when I get my teeth pulled, I have to go to the oral surgeon.
Ya go in, you get the teeth pulled, you come home with some painkillers, you take a nice hot bath and go to sleep for hours.
Make sure you get the prescription filled before you go home so that when the anesth...wears off, you can pop a few as the pain reminds you of the day's adventure. Rinse your mouth out with warm water and salt, relax. Rejoin the dream...in a couple of days, you'll be fine.
Really,it's no one's favorite thing to do but its not that big of a deal either. Relax.
(if you bear the x-rays, you can definitely bear the pulling. Personally, I think the x-rays are a bigger pain in the rear than the pull.)
Remember Advil and soup will get ya through this.
(As if anyone needs an excuse to eat soup this time of year.)

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