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Sidney H.
What could this sore on my gum be?
I have this white sore on my gum and it is very painful. It kind of looks like a canker sore but I hear canker sores don't appear on your gums, only the cheeks of your mouth. So what could this be?


maybe a cold sore in your mouth


canker sores can appear on your gums, so don't listen to what you have heard from others. canker sores fit the description that you are giving- inside your gums, white, and very painful when eating and talking. there is things you can do to help rid of the sore, but it takes 1-3 weeks to heal if it is a minor sore. talk to your doctor about suggestions on what over the counter medicine creams you could apply to the sore 3-4 times a day. also, eating soft, creamy food like yogurt help, and avoid anything rough like peanuts. good luck with this.

My blood type is Folgers.
It's most likely a canker sore. I've had them on my gums before and all over the insides of my mouth...they hurt like crazy, but it will get better.

By gargling your mouth with salt water,
the mouth ulcers will heal quickly.
I found the homeremedies at

Could be some kind of virus. Don't hold your breath for an answer though. I've had them all my life and still haven't fiound a doctor who know's what they are.

You can get them on your gums

It could be pulled skin. When you pull skin in your mouth it stings. It can happen from biting hot food, getting hit, ect.

not true you can acctually get canker soars anywhere in your mouth.

You should go to the dentist. If you have an abscess in a tooth sometimes it will manifest into a pimple to release the infection. They look like a white or cream colored bump and hurt like hell. It will not pass on it's own, it will have to be taken care of professionally. They will drain it and might inject a powder type antibiotic in between tooth and gum. It will feel soooo much better.

you need to ask a real MD this question.

Are you using a whitening tooth paste? It has something in it that causes sores in my mouth that won't go away while I am using it.

The Dentist told me you can put peroxide on a q-tip and put it on it to help it clear up.

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