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What can i eat to make me throw up?
UMM....just curious what can you eat that will make you throw up.....i heard that if you eat toothpaste that will make you throup..is that true..and is there anything else that makes u throw up
Additional Details
im not belumic or anything i was just curious becuase my friend is....and i have been researching it....

Pleasant Peter Perkins
Even the thought of KFC and those other poor peoples foods.

a cup of salty water

sean n

Raw garlic.

karen b
other peoples vomit

salt water

mustard powder in water

mint toothpaste does it for me - i have to use cinammon or orange.

why do u wanna throw up?
To answer YOUR question,salt water....tastes disgusting though.

jellied eels

Leo D
eating toothpaste is not a good idea - it contains too much flouride and can be harmful. Best way is to put a few spoons of salt in water a drink it until you start being sick. Hope you have good reason for this..??

louise d
Just thinking about throwing up makes me want to throw up yuk, feeling or being sick is the worse feeling.

lol i agree with u about the people well
ur finger up ur throat and when u poke ur throat to it makes u throw up and when u eat a lot
move alot
eat spoiled food

Timothy J

you need an emetic (Something that causes emesis, that makes you want to vomit.) such as salt

or you could put your fingers down your throat...that will do the job.

lots of very salty water will probably make you spew.
Mustard in similar quantities is quite a good emetic.
Vinegar will probably do the same if you can get it down.
I think the daddy of the emetics is extract or syrup of ipecac.
I'm not sure if you can get it in the UK, but it's taken from the ipecacuanha plant and is a very powerful emetic.

Happy puking!

mix cider and lager lol that should do it

Dog poo

try slugs?! yuk! all that goo and gunk, all squidgy and slimely! that wll def do the trick!

or you could get lots of people to spit in a tub of coleslaw!! dat will def work!!!

NOT that i want you to try! please dont but thats the answer to your question!!

salt water

Wendy H
Why would you want to do this to yourself.

It damages your teeth doing this as it strips away the enamel.

Are you trying to keep slim?

Have you heard of bulimia, its people who make themselves sick, I think you need to look at the link below.

That should do it.

Make an appointment with your doctor. You need help.

Drink milk thats just on the turn. That'll do it.

Join the armed forces, it did the trick for me on a regular basis!

lots of salt
or a donner kebab after 8 pints

bill & little billy sideweakster
eels http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ap78YXAcEY8

Sandra W
Have you taken an overdose or something? Why else would you want to make yourself throw-up? Have you got an eating disorder? Making yourself throw up frequently can cause corrosion of your esophagus, and leave it susceptible to cancer, or other diseases of the throat. It won't matter how good you look if you've given yourself a disease, and die over it!
Syrup of Ipecac is used in emergency situations in case of certain poisonings to induce vomiting, but you should ALWAYS call the poison control (911) first to see if vomiting is warranted.

listen to me

do not force yourself to throw up
please dont do this to yourself

don't make yourself throw up honey! sorry if you don't but i feel responsible to help you now! honestly, it's not worth it! if you want to lose weight because your over weight, exersise more and eat healthier. why you would make yourself throw up, i don't know, it's disgusting and people will notice, you'll go pale and smell, not attractive!!!
please visit your doctor!

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