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What can happen if i dont get my wisdom teeth taken out ? please tell me ?

Oops ! you'll no more b wise

Depends. They can overcrowd your teeth forcing them to go crooked. They can cause major jaw problems like locking up, pain, etc. They can get infected and cause major problems with other teeth close to it.
Then there are sometimes that they don't hurt at all.

I had to have my top ones pulled because they got infected and hurt like nobody's business! They were no biggy to get out. They didn't even knock me out. My bottoms I still have. They are actually growing under the gumline sideways. The dentist said it would cause more problems to take them out then leave them. So they are staying until they start hurting.

alexandria h
Wisdom teeth do not need to be taken out unless the growth will have an impact on your other teeth, such as growing sideways.

Jill B
See a dentist!

For a very good article on wisdom teeth, visit:



The Avon Lady
It depends on whether they are causing you pain or not. I'm 43 and I still have mine. Think of the old saying "If something's not broke, why fix it?!"

they will make your teeth bunch
try ask.com

I think sooner or later you'll take them out...when they start hurting...i tell you, you can't go on with pains like that!

ask your dentist. Likely, your teeth would start to protrude and it might be painful as your teeth shift out of alignment

Assuming they're causing you a problem, they can cause infection in other teeth and your gums. If they're okay, no need to have them removed.

Racer X
Allot of pain as they crowd in your jaw. Could absess too.

They can grow funny and cause some serious pain in your jaw. Or, they can rot out and break off. Or, they can grow in just fine and stay healthy. It depends on luck and how well you take care of them. I wouldn't worry too much until something bad starts to happen. It's not like they're inherently bad, or anything.

Dr Matt W (Australia)
If wisdom teeth stay fully buried beneath the gum, then you may be able to leave them alone. Have them X-rayed every 2-3 years .
If they start to come through the gum, then bacteria can get in underneath, potentially causing gum infections or decay. Not many people get their wizzys all the way through the gum to a point where they can keep them fully clean. So, if they get stuck only part-way through, then have them removed. Please don't wait for pain to force you to seek treatment. It is sometimes very difficult for a dentist (and for you!) to treat an emergency toothache associated with a wizzy only halfway thru.
Also, if they get caught against the molar in front (2nd molar), then the plaque can accumulate and cause a hole in the back of this tooth as well. Big-time disaster, as it can be difficult or impossible to repair. Therefore, you may lose 2 teeth.
Yes, sometimes people can have jammed wizzys and never have problems all their life. I would not advise a 50 year-old patient to remove their wizzys if everything is going well. But such cases are very uncommon, and I believe you are taking a major risk if you hope you will be that lucky. And yes, I've had my wizzys removed years ago. I could think of better ways to spend an afternoon, but I don't have to worry about them anymore.
Finally, wizzys do not cause crowding of the front teeth. There have been research studies over the years to support this statement.

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