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What are the small white things that come from the back of my mouth.?

Additional Details
theyre like little white things that are soft and smell. i can usually just feel them out of nowhere in my throat and use the back of my tongue to bring them to the front of my mouth. hard to explain this.

There should be nothing "coming" from the back of your mouth because that would imply that it is moving or spreading. If it is small white bumps near/at the VERY end of your tongue (at the back) then they are taste buds......if it has spread all over your tongue then it is Thrash...better known as yeast infection.

Its your tonsils i had this problem from the age of two until the doc decided to take them out when i was 11 its disgusting and never really gos away. i suggest you speak to your doctor he might suggest removing them bad breath swollen throat all will go its a sign your tonsils are rotting and who wants that in there throat

I dont know, I always assumed it was impacted food particles that get stuck in the sinuses back there. It smells too.

Strep throat?

do they stink?...i think it is like tartar or something...i have them too...but they stink...they're usually there when you wake up right?

babe clarify this question a bit more please..are they sores, or what are you talking about?....If you are meaning sores, you may have strep throat...

you may have thrush..which is yeast...or you may have excess mucus from allergies...I would get a culture done of your throat and mouth to rule out a yeast infection....it sounds like a yeast infection to me..(Smelly, white, not painful etc etc)

Proud Mama of 4
I know what these are from. You need to have better oral hygene. It is backterial If you have trouble removing them, try a toothpick. I had these after I had my kids (as I was not taking proper care of my self.) I went to the dr. They said it was lack or oral care. Brush your teeth more, use mouthwash and floss your teeth. I guarantee this will go away.

sounds like strep throat, does, it hurt to swallow, are your tonsils swollen, prodruding out the side of your neck? probably strep!

sarah h
you are deceased, probably.

steph d
I have these aswell. I have had them for a long time. I actually went to see the doctor about it and she gave me a medical term for it, which I can't for the life of me remember! Basically they are tonsil stones.. Some people get bacteria that passes through their mouth stuck in the tonsils in the back of your throat instead of passing down your throat. No explanation really as to why some people get it but you're not alone, it happens to alot of us!! The only way to fix this problem really is pretty drastic and I wouldnt recommend it if you're not a teenager... its getting your tonsils out!! I have just started brushing the back of my tongue really well and flossing regularly...

I would NOT recommend what one of the other users said and pick it out with a toothpick... This is really dangerous and could do some damage to your throat/tonsils!! Maybe she has ones that come out easily in big clumps so she can get to them however without seeing your mouth its hard to tell how you should get them out... Sounds like you're doing just fine!! But yeah dont poke at them with anything sharp as I made this mistake once and my throat hurt for days!!

There is nothing wrong with you.. People who are grossed out by it may not even realise that they could have the same thing but they just pass through easier and instead they swallow them all!!

They're from your tonsils. Little particles get caught in the holes in your tonsils and sometimes they come out. It's kind of gross and it can be a problem, but not usually. Nothing to worry about.

♣valentine melons♣

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