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What are the chances I can go back to work the day after having my wisdom teeth pulled?
I'm getting all 4 of them removed tomorrow, and due to all the work I have, I really want to come back the day after and work the rest of the week. Some people say I can do it, others day I'll be in too much pain and should take off a few days. What are your suggestions?

Here's the possibility: you can go to work if: you dn't have a general anesthesy done, and YOU ARE GOOD AT BEARING PAIN. :)) Otherwise, not a wise move, especially that you gotta pull all 4 of them in a session (really? they do that?).

The most important factor to consider when answering this question is "What kind of work do you do??"
Your dr. will tell you not to get your heart rate up for at least 24 hours. This causes blood to pump faster in your body and therefore faster to the extraction sites.
Many times, things that we think are going to be sooo painful, are not that bad at all. Uncomfortable, yes, but if you're tough, you can handle it. Other times, however, there's nothing you can do about it. The most important thing is, don't push yourself too hard. You won't necissarily need strong pain medicine. You may be able to take 800 mg. of Ibprofen and work. Maybe not. Depends on many things. But if your job is physical in the least, stay home. You'll miss a lot more work if you get dry sockets than if you just take one day off to heal.
Good luck!
Happy Holidays!

Lots of people do it. The only issue is your pain tolerance and how much swelling/bleeding you'll have. Your oral surgeon can tell you roughly about the swelling bleeding. You should know your own pain threshold.

A quick way to guesstimate, if your situation is this black and white, is if they're impacted maybe not (again, depending on how impacted). If they're not impacted, definitely.

Zero % possibility

It depends on the individual. I had two of mine pulled on a Thursday and took the Friday off work, so by Monday I was fine. But if you're getting all 4 pulled, I doubt you'll be going to work the next day. So what if you're busy, your health is more important, take a couple of days, you will probably need it.

Witchy Woman
It depends how deep they are. I was fine with 2 and not with 2 others. If they give you pain pills don't drive or use machinery. Bring mouthwash, badbreathe is worse than the pain.

Good luck with that! I was on pain killers in bed for the 2 days afterward.

You have to be VERY careful so you don't get dry sockets. If you don't get those, you may be okay to go to work, but you will likely be on pain killers. As long as your boss is okay with that, then you should be good to go!

it all depends! if it just a simple extraction, you should be fine! my friend was at work the next day.

But f its a mini surgery (like my brother's) hmm.... be ready to be put on Percocet or some hard core stuff.

It all depends on how complicated the proceedure is!

I hope that answers your question! goodluck!

larry n
i did it you can too

I had 3 of mine pulled, and missed work for 2 days. My mouth wouldn't stop bleeding, and I was in a lot of pain. You should really consider taking at least a day to just rest. It's a traumatic thing for your body to go through, and you need time to recuperate and get your strength back. If you push yourself too hard too soon, your mouth may take longer to heal, and you could risk infection. Best play it safe and rest up.

Hard to say. I got all four of mine out and I don't remember being in horrible pain. I did go off the meds though because even half a pill of the codein was still making me sick.

No way. I went back to work too early and got very sick

Donna M
I had all four pulled at once, and spent the next three days half-dead :)
Some people cope really well, some don't. It's basically a case of wait and see.
One other thing, my teeth were impacted so they had to pull really hard to get the things out, and for ages afterwards I had massive neck, jaw and shoulder pain. If anything like that happens, someone like a kinesiologist or a chiropractor or massage therapist (depending on your exact problem) should be able to help.
And now, whenever I get a headache (rarely, thank God), the pain goes straight to my jaw. Ow!

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