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Toothache - URGENT?
Ive got a toothache from hell. It can start raging without any notice, one second its not there and the next, it is. It can then totally dissapear with no obvious reason, then re-appear. The pain is very intence, feels like my teeth have been wired into the electrics.
Does anyone know how to stop the pain right now. All the dentists are closed. Already done the clove oil, whisky, vodka, etc. URGENT...

You just didn't drink enough. lol. If it's a cavity, then nothing will help. Sounds like a cracked tooth though. I used two 300mg ADVIL and two 300mg extra strength TYLENOL taken at the same time.

I'm not licensed to practice dentistry, and I'm not telling you what to do. I am only telling you what I did.

Do see a dentist as soon as possible, the pain will not get better until you do.

You've tried dipping a cottonball in whisky then biting on it?
Drinking whisky doesn't help, you need to bite on it.

more vodka drink it don't put it on the gum.
serious then go to sleep still like it tomorrow get to your dentist have that tooth under your pillow to make some money from the fairy's

Someone once told me if you put an aspirin on the tooth ( don't chew it just let it melt on the sore tooth) and let it sit on there that this will alleviate the pain. I totally sympathize with you and hope this works. having a toothache is torture!

bernie c
Ring NHS direct they may have an emergency dentist available for the morning oh and if you have been drinking don't take painkillers

little flower
go to the hospital most of them have emergancy dentist and dentist departments or call nhs they will give you an out of hours dentist number who does emergancies

If the pharmacies are open, get some ambesol

I used to take paracetamol's
I know excatly what you are going through when it happened to me

Sally L
my best advice is to take 4 advil or any anti-inflammatory every 6 hours. If your tooth is abcessed then the inflammation at the end of the roots should start to go away if you keep meds in your system. Some of our patients have gone to the local emergency room and all the physician would write was tylenol 3...one of my patients this past week got in the same situation as you, sat in the e.r. for 3 hours, only to be sent away with a lortab rx...which really doesn't help if infection is present. Find which local dentist in your area opens the earliest monday a.m. & try to call as soon as they open. Some offices even have an answering service to take emergency calls on the weekends for situations like yours. Good Luck!

by the time the acute condition is settled.visit a dentist now

rochelle m
phone N.H.S. Direct. Telephone 0800 4647. A nurse will call you back, to advise you.

harley w
Tooth Ache

I'll never forget using Toothache Wax and putting it in the tooth cavity. The toothache was bad enough but the taste of cloves in that toothache wax made it "yucky" ! Doris Goldsborough

From an old book that I have - copyright 1879 -Home & Health and Home Economics by C.H. Fowler,D.D., LL.D., and W.H.DePuy, A.M., D.D.: "Toothache Cures.- Relief from toothache or neuralgic affections arising from teeth in any stage of decay, may often be obtained by saturating a small bit of clean cotton or wool with a strong solution of ammonia, and applying it immediately to the affected tooth. The pleasant contrast in-stantaneously produced sometimes causes a fit of laughter, although a moment before extreme suffering and anguish prevailed" [I AM SURE THEY MEANT SPIRITS OF AMMONIA and not the household ammonia we now use!] Doris Goldsborough

For a abscessed tooth put a Tea Bag on it or a clean cloth with a bit of bulk tea in it--just moisten enough so it will cover the tooth and hold it there, don't remember for how long but probably till the tooth stopped hurting. I have had it do good for me when I had Teeth. LOL Dorothy

Take a hole clove after taking off the end bud/horns, place between gum and effected tooth. It takes about 2 minutes to begain being effective. Mike

I was surprised to see that to relieve the pain for a toothache, dab whiskey on the root of the tooth, and the gums below/around the tooth wasnt listed. Works better than ambesol or anything out there. HavUSeenMyMarbl

Debbie O
get some Ora gel or anbesol to put on the tooth this will numb it and take some Advil.

there must be an emerg dentist in your local area u can try but if not get some bon jela stuff for sore gums and take some para cetamols to calm the pain

Megan Leigh
i had to go to the emergency room and get tylenol 3 (a mix of narcotic codine and tylenol) because of the same reason. it worked. i cried for 4 hours before finally passing out and i woke up there. if you cant take it go!! they will proly give you this medicine prescription and one to take there but it will help in 30mins to an hour. that is all i know

Try swilling your mouth with warm (boiled) salt water and take paracetamol. Get to the dentist on Monday

Some of that pain is coming directly from the heat from the inside of your cheek against the tooth and gum itself. See if you can get a paper towel and tear of a piece of it and make it into a roll and soak it with antiseptic mouthwash and place it between your tooth and your cheek and see if that doesn't quiet it down a little. These things never happen on a Wednesday. It is always on a Friday afternoon at 4:30 P.M. when your dentist is closing for weekend. This is the standard configuration, and it is crazy-making, for certain. I wish I were able to get a dentist to prescribe some Darvocet for you. That is one of the oldest and to my way of thinking, one of the best for calm things until you can have it properly seen to. My heart goes out to you. Try what I suggested and see if cooling it down a little will also slow it up a little. Listerine apparently has something in it which acts as a sedative for this sort of thing, so if you could dip that roll you made into some Listerine and then put it in between your cheek and the tooth in question, you would be half-way home. Good luck to you, and I am sorry. Sent with good energies from Chris, in South Portland, Maine, U.S.A. (I am 63 years old, and clearly have been through this awful routine a number of times enough to try to help you with the above suggestions.)

Take ibuprofen and paracetamol together - max dose of both. Get a hot water bottle on your head. Drink more if you need to and if you can't you could get some good relief with a J. Bit awkward if you don't have on hand. Tiger balm ointment rubbed on your cheek will set up a tingling sensation that blocks the pain pathways and can be a godsend. A lot of pharmacies sell it or similar products so if you have an all nighter nearby try it. Keep it away from your eyes. Don't over do it with the paracetamol. I used to go over on the ibuprofen as doctor's can prescribe a higher dose but I DON'T recommend it. Tiger balm... Try it! Good Luck...

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