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 What is this piece of skin called?
It's the bit that joins your upper lip to your top gum, if you put your tongue between your upper lip & teeth you can feel it!
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baking soda.... sodium bicarbonate.... that abrasive white stuff...!!...

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 How many time u brush yr teeth?

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 Does anyone no when and how long you're mouth hurts after braces?
i got them to day and they dont hurt at all but i want to know if i will be able to eat at thanksgiving
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 An answer would be nice!?!?
Iam goin to an orthodontist tomoro Iam worried!?
ok iam goin to my forst ortho apptment what will happen

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Tooth pulled-do i have to rinse with salt water after everytime I smoke to or just after meals?
its been 48 hours
Additional Details
hey now, the dentist always say dont smoke for at least 4 hours. its been 48 hours.

LADY Vilena
my grreatest advise is to quit smoking all together...=D

simple dont smoke it takes away 5 minetes of your life evry time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The guy!
Just get some listerine and mix it with water 50-50, it works the same and tastes a hell of alot better. If your gonna smoke or drink beer your gonna wanna rinse it out good right after both. If your drinking beer your gonna want to swish once every beer unless you drink slow then probably twice.

Don't rinse too much, you'll dislodge the blood clot, and I suggest putting a cotton ball over the 'extraction site' when your smoking, It will hurt less because there won't so much suction. Also, you should rinse after eating, not after smoking, I see no need for it, and they tell you to rinse with salt water because it helps it not to get infected, so don't rinse with mouthwash.

just to be sure i would rinse with the salt water after smoking or eating it takes at least a week to start closing up, even though its annoying to have to do it better to be safe. Especially if you had difficulty clotting.

you're not supposd to smoke because it can give you a "dry socket" had one... not fun

Rocket P
Salt water rinses historically have been carried out according to ancient rites of religious torture, first conceived by the Pontiff Ignatius Constantine II in the third century. He discovered that dipping captured political opponents into iron kettles of boiling sea water would often, just prior to the moment of termination of cardiac function, result in the victim having a sudden loss of dentin after receiving a blow in the mouth with a oaken staff delivered by the Pontiff's palace guard. The salvaged teeth would then be strung on a rawhide necklace that the Pontiff would wear during further religious rites.

I would just to be safe. It would be better to do it then get an infection.

I have been going through it, You do not want that clot disovled. Severe pain, do everything they say or you will be in major pain... and prolong the healing process.

Sarcasmless response:

Literally, every time something goes in your mouth you need to rinse.

I'd just be careful because you could get dry sockets and those are nothing fun. It happened to my mom and she ended up going back 2 times because of infection and that. She was in a ton of pain. But if you smoke id rinse before and after that and before and after you eat.

West F
smoking dries out the socket. Better not to for as long as you can. rinsing afterwards might help keep it hydrated.

both after smoking and after meals

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