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Tooth Hurts Because of Spacers!?
My spacers have been in for like 2 days and the teeth around the spacers themselves don't hurt but this tooth like 2 teeth away is a permanet one and its seems loose and it hurts. And this hasn't happened before i got spacers. Do spacers affect the whole mouth? Or is there an infection?
Additional Details
Wow....thanks soooo much guys!! Its gonna be really hard to choose the best answer because they are all practically the same lol!

yer this is normal. spacers have a remebered shape so when they are placed inbetween teeth they are moved out of this shape. beign placed inbetween teeth causes them to move the teeth so that they can return back to their original shape. when you move one tooth where does it go in another space and where does that tooth go when its getting pushed and losing space so dont worry its supposed do that just take a pain killer if the pain becomes unbearable. dont worry you have no infection :> good luck

Vampire Fangirl
Arg I have spacers too. Just got 'em today. Yes, they affect the whole mouth.

Du er en skrikbaby. De skader ikke. Sug det opp og sug gjennom et strĂ¥.

no the pain last at least for a good week my brother had 1 ........gud luck

Spacers will make your whole mouth hurt. Take some meds and be ready for the real pain to come when you get the braces on.

get some oragel or ambesol to help

take some tylenol

you will be ok

I had spacers for a couple weeks. It's something you have to deal with. I'd suggest runnign to the local safeway/drug-store and pick up some of the stuff they put on baby's gums when they are teething. It helped me a LOT. You just rub it around your gums where your teeth hurt and it helps bunches.

Hope it helps~

don't worry about it. i've had spacers many times before. it does not affect your ENTIRE mouth. it's just putting SPACE between the tooth teeth it is surrounded by. it's going to be painful because you teeth are getting pushed apart. :| man, good luck. i hated spacers.

nate dogg
i've had spacers, braces, an expander, and a retainer twice. so just think how bad it could be.

lana s
My dad is a dentist. Call the ortho ask if her can prescribe something, if he can't you can take Advil.

i've had spacers. actually i still have spacers but on the bottom teeth now + braces + expanders.

pain in the a$$ .

and yeah spacers hurt a lot. i didn't eat for like 2 days cause of them. it does feel like your teeth are loose but their not.. it's just adjusting and spacing. lol. just wait a few more days and you'll get used to them

Yep, it can affect your whole mouth. When you move teeth it loosens ligaments which results in some pain and looser teeth. As for which tooth hurts, it depends on which tooth has room to move so it's perfectly possible for it to be one that's not right next to the spacer. If it keeps hurting after maybe a week it wouldn't hurt to call the ortho but I think you're fine for now.

Christopher Michael
They are spreading the teeth they're in between, and naturally those teeth will push against the rest of your teeth. They'll hurt for a few more days, but then the pain will pass (just like with every other dental appliance.)

Sorry you have spacers. But don't worry, this is normal. They hurt really bad for a while, I think right up till they take them out.
I hated them. But you'll have straight teeth later, so I guess it's worth it. :)
Just chew soft foods, avoid chips and ice, especially.
Good luck!

spacers really hurt(sorry) but what what always helped me was taking sum ibuprofen(advil) and eating soft foods....

They work the same way braces do and can affect teeth around the area. They're basically pushing the teeth all around, and the teeth in effect might feel a bit loose and have this irritating pain. But I suggest you get it checked with a professional anyways.

the spacer are there to space your teeth which is making your teeth shift and they will hurt. It'll feel like that when you get braces, when they change the wire, and when they tighten your braces. It really hurts. but you'll get over it

its rikki betch!
it is fine dont worry.
spacers make ur teeth farther apart from eachother
resulting in pain because how else is ur mouth supposed to expand?

Yea, They affact the whole mouth!
I got spacers a few days ago and my tooth started aching, so I called my dentist and he told me the spacers affected the whole mouth =P I hope I helped! =)

Yes spacers do effect the whole mouth. If the pain is unbearable take whatever you usually use for a headache, it works too. Braces are worse than this for the first few days, just remember to have soft, cold things for a while. Ice cream, certain types of frapicinos help usually, but milkshakes helped me a lot. Hope this helps you!

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