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Too late for my teeth?
I'm 22 and havn't been to the dentist in 12 years (no insurance). Everything is wrong with my teeth, their crooked, my gums bleed easily, my wisdom tooth hurts all the time. I have health insurance now, and have an appt. set up. Is it too late for my teeth, or will I have to get dentures or something?

As long as there are no cavities you should be alright. Crooked teeth can be straightened, And wisdom teeth are usually removed anyway ! Good luck, and hang in there it's not that bad !

Well no it isn't too late, I mean it might have been easier if you started earlier, but still now adays they can do pretty much anything, it may cost alot, and they may recomend different things that cost more money, but it is better to have a healthy smile then no smile at all , GO 2 THE DENTIST!!!!!!!

educated guess
No matter how bad off you think your teeth are you will not find a dentist who will give you dentures. Two reasons, you are too young and they make more money by fixing the teeth. Just relax and let them tell you what all is wrong. Fix the ones that hurt first then go from there. Smile!

van kedileri
probably not too late but expect to spend some time going to get things fixed

I had your problem 20 years ago. I have dentures, I've had more compliments and no regrets. My doctor got my insurance to pay, saying it was a health hazzard. Get them taken care of ! You will feel better. You are not tooo young I was 19. I was always in pain. Do it soon. I now have ARD due to the acid rotting my teeth. You do not need to suffer.

If they're still in your mouth..it's usually not too late...

Can you go to a local medical or dental school and see if you can volunteer for them to work on you? (just a thought) Not suggesting that you do this. There could be danger involved.
But if they're supervised by a real dentist, maybe that's a way to go....

no not to late you probably need a root canal

chocolate luver
porcelain veners?!?!?!?!?!
they look really good

acid tongue
it's not to late, but you need some extensive work done

Your dentist will look at your teeth and tell you.
First you'll get a cleaning. The dentist will remove the plaque below the gum line. Your dentist will take x-rays.
Then your dentist may recommend additional work, possibly:
removal of that painful wisdom tooth

It's not too late for your teeth. You may need to wear braces for a while. Good luck.
P.S. Use a mouthwash. Listerine makes some.

it is never too late for your teeth.

Dentists don't do many dentures for patients in this age range. Usually the only times when teeth are hopeless in this age range is if someone is abusing methamphetamine or drinking so much soda the teeth are black from decay. However, each case is independent and must be examined accordingly. Deciding whether or not it is too late for your teeth will require an exam and proper x-rays.

Hooray for you that you have insurance now!!! Yippeee!

No, it is not too late for your teeth. Just go to the dentist and they will get you fixed up in no time. Don't be afraid, they are there to help you and they want your teeth fixed as much as you do. If you are really uneasy or scared about the process, ask to have a mild sedation first to get you through it.

The most important thing about your teeth is that you keep your gums healthy. Teeth can be straightened and wisdom teeth pulled, but your gums are there to stay (and they help hold your teeth in) so you need to take very good care of them. That means brush and floss twice a day. Bleeding gums are a sign that they are infected with bacteria from plaque/tartar. Regular brushing/flossing/mouthwash will get them healthy again.

Think on the bright side...at least you have teeth for the dentist to look at! And health insurance, too! You'll be fine now. Have fun at the dentist and enjoy your new white, gorgeous smile!!!

P.S. If you've been putting off your pap smear/breast exam/annual physical because of lack of insurance, you should make appointments for those too. Even though you're young, you still need your annual ob/gyn appointment!!!

Good luck to you!!!

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