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I don't remember what ...

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 What will happen if anybody swalows a bubble gum?

Smoking cigarettes and tooth extraction?
why are you not allowed to smoke after a tooth extraction? has anyone smoked after having a tooth pulled out?

because the nicotine can cause the bleeding time to stop and then that will cause you to have what they call a dry socket. They are very painful and have to have antibiotic soaked material packed in the hole to help it heal.

the Heat from the Smoke causes Dry Socket, that is very painful and can lead to a infection in the gums and make things worse leading to more teeth being pulled, or worse having an abcess in ur jaw, which is just plain out nasty..

The Mullet
The suction from taking a drag off your smoke may cause the blood clot that has formed on the extraction site to come loose. You can smoke at your own risk by putting some gauze over the extraction site and taking very light drags.

My room mate did and got very sick. Not sure if it was the cigs or not but the room mate said felt sick right away after lighting it! I would think that the smoke would not be conducive do healing.

I believe it is because you create suction to pull teh smoke in from the cigarette which will also tend to draw blood up from the wound. I've smoked shortly after an extraction and that is what happened to me. It started bleeding again and took several hours to stop.

dont smoke its bad

Smoking drys your mouth out. Salavia helps to keep your teeth clean and helps in the healing process. Start saving about $1,000. You're going to need dentures if you keep smoking. Dentures aren't so bad. They last about 5 years and you have to get new ones. Avoid popcorn or you'll break the dentures.

Amy H
Yes, I smoked after having an extraction. Got a dry socket too. It hurt so bad that I swore I would quit smoking if the pain would stop. It has now been over a week, packed three times, and still painful. The next step is to scrap the area to start another clot again since it still won't heal. Smoking can dislodge or dissolve the clot. It also decreases blood flow to the area. The area needs the blood flow to heal. I have since quit smoking and if I could do it all over again, I would have stopped that first day.

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