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 My teeth have yellowish shade on them which destroys my whole face beauty?
plz tell me how to remove it with natural available at home methods???????//...

 I got like 5 canker sores inside my mouth because braces cut my cheeks and germs got in there, how do I heal?

 If 4 out of 5 dentists surveyed recommend Trident for their paitients who chew gum, what happens to the 5th?
Do they beat him into submission? Do they send him to Podiatrist School?...

 Braces..and rubberbands! HELP!?
okay so i have had brace for about half of a year...and i heard most people have to get those rubberband things so i have a few questions:

1) does EVERYONE who have braces have to get them<...

 Bad breath problem?
Please help...I have a bad breath eversince. I used several mouthwash, toothpaste but it remains that way. I went to a doctor, i dont have any internal desease, the medicine he prescribed for oral ...

 COFFEE BREATH... Hate it or love it?
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 What colour toothbrush have u got?
I have a pink ...

 Can fluoride toothpaste cause bleeding gums?
I know bleeding gums can be caused by gingivitis etc, but I wondered if using a non-fluorided toothpaste helped. I had bleeding gums off and on for ages, started using kids toothpastes, which have ...

 How often should you go to the dentist to get your teeth cleaned?

 Is a dental abscess classed as an emergency?im in agony&dont think i can wait til after the holidays!?

 Where can I purchase a pair of good used false teeth?
Whenever I eat out with my wife I always have to wait until she's finished so that I can borrow her teeth. We share many things we even have a joint account....

 How do I get rid off these "wounds" on the inside of my mouth?
It is so annoying and painful. I've got about 3 of them at the same time. I heard they're caused because I don't drink enough water but I certainly do. Please ...

 Are red and blue good colors to get for braces??
I want to get red and blue for Independence Day...but i'm not sure how they will look.... =T...

 Im 21 and getting my first tooth taken out nxt week.anyone else had a tooth taken out at such a young age?

 What happens if you don't floss regularly?

 Know any good toothache cures?
One of my upper back teeth has started bothering me recently and I went to the dentist the other day to get it checked out. He told me I have to get oral surgery but that's not until the 14th.. ...

 Are braces really worth it?
Are braces really worth it? Please tell me the truth!!!
Additional Details

 When you have a tooth taken out how long does it take till the numbness goes ?

 Why do dentists have the highest suiside rate?
why do dentists have the highest suiside rate , i think id love being a dentist or orthodontist. why do you think this and would you ever be a ...

 Is there many of you people out there who?
Grind your teeth in your sleep, how do you deal with this?...

Should you use mouthwash in the morning and at night?

҉ ☆Vibrant Love ☆҉
Yes For 24 Hour Protection

Mr.Wise Guy
wat do you think? twice the cleaning

yes...all after u brush your teeth =]

shacoby bryant
yes but some times i dont but keeps teeth clean

☮♥♪peace love music☮♥♪
yes both

mouthwash helps to kill bacteria in your mouth that brushing may not do.. I say continue.

armina a

joey dick
if you dont want germs

Mad Awesome Yo! =)
Yes, twice a day as recommended by all dentists.

i don't use one, toothbrush only

yea i think its fine... i do and nothing happens

for sure!

MuSic FrEaKx3
yeah of course... its much better for you. a lot of germs over the day build up so use sum @ night.... but also over night in ur sleep they bulid up as well so use it morning and night and even afternone sum times =]

read the mouthwash directions.

Twice a day certainly can't hurt.

only at noon
then at midnite

Sure, if you feel you need it. But belive it or not, Listerine can actually stain your teeth, no lie! It did for me, I was like 'what the heck??'. But my dentist told me to switch to Act. Mucho better.

yes it's always good to have good smelling breath. It also helps protect your mouth from grems that causes bad breath.so yeah you should use it at night and in the morning.

Spectacular Indeed
i use it 3 times a day. morning afternoon and night

*Zipperty Doo Da*
well, its not always needed, but it depends on the product

yes it helps for 24 hours when you do it

♠TNH-§ ╪§Æ side
its better

mornings in the eyes, nights in the ears

Yes its a fresh start and end to the day...

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