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Should my face swell like this AFTER taking antibiotics?
I have been on antibiotics for 48 hours after experiencing an excruciating toothache for about a week. I self prescribed Motrin 800 mg, and some kind of antibiotic. THEN I went to the dentist. He prescribed Amoxicillin (500 mg) and Naproxen Sodium (pain pill).

Last night I rinsed my mouth with Hydrogen Peroxide off and on for roughly 7 hours to deal with the pain. This morning I woke up to a stiff jaw and a swelling between my jawbone and neck. The swelling is pretty large - about 2 inches in diameter. Face feels tight.

The toothache pain is intermittent, and I wonder: is this normal? Does this mean the infection is leaving? And if so, how will this lump on the side of my face drain?
Additional Details
But, this is the thing...the pain has greatly subsided. Does this change anything? And, I will go to the dentist...I just want a different opinion. He told me to call him this evening with an update.

you need to call the Dentist right now and tell him what is happening.....stop all meds you are taken and go see him....if he will not let you in to see him today then go directly to the hospital to be checked out..
it can either be an allergic reaction or it is something the dentist needs to address....dont put it off

Girlfriend, You need to go to the hospital. This could be an allergic reaction!. . . It could also be an abcess.

Puppy Zwolle
Can happen. If after all this time NOW you get a stiff jaw----> GET TO A DOCTOR!!!

Red Sawx ®
your allegic go and see the doctor

LA :0)
Sounds like you need to go back to the dentist...

Don't use too much peroxide as it kills the good and the bad bacteria your body needs to heal.

sounds like an allergic reaction - see the doctor immediately

go see the doc.

you are probably allergic to antibiotics go back to your doctor

Denise G
I use naproxen myself its an inflammatory.I if you still in pain you could go to the hospital because if you go to a norther dentist they will tell you need x rays from the other dentist.Its a lot of trouble because i had the happen 2 days ago.stop tacking all the med and go to the hospital.

get to a doctor ASAP you are having a posiable reaction.

swelling can be because of abscess or infection in tooth....medicines subsides pain but it is not permanent solution. meet your dentist..doesn't sound allergic to antibiotics...can ur tooth treated...gud luck

You need to see a dentist ASAP sounds like your antibiotic is not cutting it you may need something stronger a more broad range antibiotic. If you don't do something about the swelling it could become dangerous, you could become very ill. Please call someone. A dentist may be able to drain the area of infection to help with the swelling, if you can't see a dentist I would go the doctor or emergency room.

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