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Should I let my 11 year old daughter use crest whitestrips?????
please tell me she is begging me but I dont know what the risks are and if they could damage her teeth!!!!!


why not they,re harmless an costs is a lot cheaper then going to a dentist. they cant hurt youre teeth but while in use teeth are sensitive to cold an warm.

There is no risk of tooth decay from Whitestrips. Actually, tooth whitening was accidentally invented by an orthodontist who wanted to control plaque and tooth decay on his patients. The peroxide actually kills the bacteria on the teeth. With that said, thorough brushing and flossing does a much better job removing plaque.

A lot of people ask me if bleaching weakens teeth. The answer is yes and no. Yes, it does soften enamel on a microscopic level because there is a weak acid used to make the peroxide penetrate better. The damage seems to be temporary and superficial; only a fraction of a millimeter deep. It does not weaken teeth enough over the two week period to make an observable difference. (We dentists like the term "Clinically significant") In four years of dental practice, I have yet to see bleaching cause tooth fracture or a cavity.

According to my Proctor and Gamble rep (maker of Crest White Strips, your soap, your shampoo, and probably your deodorant), there are four formulations of over-the-counter Crest Whitestrips on the market. The "classic" formulation is safe for teens, and *maybe* an 11 year old. But only do so if all the teeth visible are permanent teeth. Otherwise, a whitened baby tooth will be replaced with a relatively yellow permanent tooth. Whitestrips cannot selectively whiten one tooth and not another, so you'll have uneven coloration without (relatively expensive) professional help. At age 11, most have their permanent incisors, but not every one has their permanent canines and premolars.

A safer alternative would be a whitening toothpaste and a whitening toothbrush. Yes, the results are slower, but they are much safer.

The larger question is why does your 11 year old want to whiten her teeth? Is she already wearing makeup to school? Does that mean a rhinoplasty at 15, and breast augmentation at 18? Be mindful of what media your daughter is listening to, reading, or watching. Young girls are very impressionable. As parents, you can use that to your advantage by introducing more positive influences and activities. My feeling is that if young children are taught to help other people in need, they'll be less focused on their looks. Self-esteem should come from who you are and what you do, not how you look.

rick JAMES
at that age people dont have any health concerns, if it were up to them the would eat junk food all day. Its up to you to decide whether its good for her or not as well as showing her that taking the easy way out doesnt do anything positive for her. if she is already concerned about her white teeth, turn off the tv

Baby Blue
The recomended age is 13 but I asked my dentist and he said that children have a thinner layer of enamel on their teeth so it is more harm then help for anyone younger that about 16 or 18...I'm 23 and i tried to use them but they eroded my enamel and gave me ALOT of pain and sensitivity. so I think the best thing would be to wait a while. If her enamel get eroded she will be more prone to cavities and decay

I would neither use them myself nor permit minor children to do so. There is no reason to think that they can do anything except render teeth more likely to decay.

Dr Matt W (Australia)
I agree with "NebulaD" speaking as a dentist, and "To the best of my knowledge" as a parent.

You should really consult with a pediatric dentist.

Children's teeth keep developing after they have erupted, i.e. even though the teeth appear fully in place, they have not stopped forming their full structure. Her teeth may still be forming enamel and you would not want to risk weakening her developing enamel, the one real source of protection for the lifetime of the tooth. A dentist can best advise as to whether or not whitening at 11 is safe or not.

tooth fairy
any type of teeth whitening can damage your teeth, some are more abrasive then others, but once you do start this your teeth become more porous and you will start a vicious cycle. You will find that after bleaching/whitening you will have to keep on doing it because you will develope stains quicker now. Check with your dentist, most will tell you she should wait till she is older.

to the best of my knowledge ...
No - they whiten teeth but leave them weaker and sensitive. Buy her two or three different "whitening" toothpastes from major brands and tell her to brush for two minutes at least 3 x per day. It's better to start saying "no" and meaning it at 11. Then when she wants a belly ring or tattoo at 15 and you say no, she'll accept it. Very white teeth (and belly rings/tattoos?) will someday go the way of oversized, artificial breasts - out of fashion.

zara berry
u a mother u should know...i think dont give her...

Nebula D
I'm a dentist.


First of all, at the age of eleven she may not even have her premolars (aka bicuspids) in place. Hence, when they do erupt, they will not match her incisors.

There are other reasons, but that one is good enough.

I think that its too early for her to use them if she wants to whiten her teeth use the listerine pre brush rinse its awsome for whitening teeth

You really should ask the dentist on this one. The most he/she will say is thirteen, which is two years away.

Does she really NEED them? She has only owned her teeth for what, 5 or 6 years?

Why would her teeth be so stained that she needs them?

I would have to say NO...don't let her use them. It is a waste of money if she doesn't need them. Buy her some more toothpaste or a sonicare toothbrush if she has a problem keeping her teeth white.

I would give my dentist a call. I wouldn't personally allow my child at that age to use them, she's a bit young to be worrying about "white teeth" considering at that age they should be nice and white and well taken care of!?

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