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Should I get anthesisa(sleep) while taking wisdom teeth out or be awake? Have you got it done before?
Have you taken wisdom teeth out? Does it hurt the process? They gave me option of sleeping or being awake.. I was thinking sleeping but I mite get ride after an hour of the surgery being done. I called the office they said someone needs to be there with you right after surgery is done.. they cant let me lie down there for hour or something after its done. I am thinking should I just be awake them? Wouldnt that be scary cuz I will be able to feel a bit of moving teeth.. and see doctor? which one would you do and what are your experiences?

Wisdom teeth are very deep..I would be put out..i had a few friends who had them removed and they all went to sleep..

The Wizard.
All you need is the normal injection in your mouth. You don't need an anaesthetic.But it will be sore afterward, and it might be a good idea to get someone to drive you home afterwards.You don't feel anything whilst it's been done.

Just have laughing gas. You are their but all is good. Had it done when I had wisdom teeth pulled and no problems.

Jeff R
I suggest getting knocked out completely... I had all four taken out - two were impacted and they way I understand it - they took a hammer-type device to break them out!

I am sooooo glad I was not awake for it! Have someone there to drive you home and get some "funny" pills so when you start to feel the pain you can take one to feel much better!

Good luck and tell the Doc to save the teeth for you - I still have mine from many years ago... I don't know where they are... but I know they are someplace in my house! ;-)

If your wisdom teeth are impacted, that may take a bit more surgery.
Yes, if you are a wake you will see the doctor and hear the noises.
If that bothers you , but you still do not wish to be put to sleep,
then see if they have nitrous oxide. You can still come to the appt. prepared to go to sleep if the nitrous does not work. They also have oral medication that you can take to make you not care so much, but you will still be under the influence for the day. You will be awake, but you will not remember a thing if you have a good oral surgeon.

I went to sleep. They told me what time to have my sister come to get me, and she waited for me to wake up.
Even if you don't go to sleep, you need somebody to pick you up. If you stay awake, they'll give you sedatives or happy drugs and you won't be safe to drive afterward.
I was afraid I'd be aware & frightened if I was awake. Other friends say the drugs you get while you are awake keep you from caring.
Either way, it doesn't hurt. (Be sure you've got an experienced doctor!)

ANTHESISA!!! I was put under when I had mine out, but before that I had 2 teeth out, one adult tooth and one baby one. The adult tooth hadn't come in yet, so they had to cut open my gum. It was disgusting. Sorry everyone... I could feel the blood filling up in my mouth and other very disgusting things. :( Very bad expierence.


Rebecca S
It depends. My teeth were coming through already. I was awake, and I was fine. My sister's teeth were impacted (hadn't come through the skin yet) and she was put to sleep. I say come through the skin, awake. Impacted, definately asleep.

Loren S

Get the anesthesia. The pain is high, and the tools or should I say pliers he uses will give you the willies. Have some one take you there and drive you home, Have extra strenght Tylenol on hand and ice is vital. You are going to be in sever pain for one - two days, and if your wisdom teeth are impacted ; ( plan on longer period of pain and more intense pain .

Good Luck

Jasmine W
Getting put out during surgery is a good idea but then they are a lot more rough and aren't as careful while taking your teeth out. You also are very drugged up and don't remember anything.

When I had my wisdom teeth removed I had the Dr. put me to sleep. I'm a wimp and I've heard that wisdom teeth are more difficult to remove than regular teeth so I knew I didn't want to be awake for that. You will sleep for most of the day and when you're awake you will be groggy. I bled quite a bit after wards too.

I had to get my top two wisdom teeth surgically removed. They weren't even showing yet. I was awake- it is weird/scary hearing the noises, but they give you numbing shots and you don't feel anything.

Rachel D
That all depend on you. I started off with no anthesia and hated it, it is not like getting normal dental work done.They usually give you 5 shots and they will give you a shot in the roof of your mouth and it hurts a lot. If you are getting all 4 done at once if needed great. if you are trying to do one at a time then it may be different for you. If awake you can also hear everthing that they are doing. On the other hand going to sleep is easy they give you the anthesia and you fall asleep then you wake up and it is all done but there are always side effects to everthing like some people feel ill when given certian types of anthesia so it is all up to you.

Go to sleep. I had it done like two years ago and I was so nervous. They put me to sleep and I honestly didn't feel a thing or remember anything at all. I woke up in a different room in a big comfortable chair and then my mom took me home and I went to sleep for the rest of the day.

hmmmmmmmm everyone body is different and react to meds differently as well...so have you ever taken anthesisa? I actually got all three taken out at the same time and I was awake for them. It did pinch a lil but I was fine after. I have heard diff. stories about taking it or not...it's up to you...how well does your body take meds?

I had 3 pulled when I was 18, my dentist doesn't put any patients under, so I was awake for the whole time. It wasn't that bad. I heard the cracking of the teeth, scary I know, but I didn't feel anything.I also kept my eyes closed so I didn't have to see what was going on. I had good pain meds for when the Novocaine wore off. I was supposed to be off work for a week & was back in 3 days. I would rather be awake, but everyone is different.

Good luck! And follow the doctors orders to avoid "Dry Socket"... very painful I have been told.

Lost in Maryland
Get put completely out. I had four teeth removed for braces (fifteen years ago) and they used the laughing gas where I was still awake but could not feel it. It was awful. You could feel it, but it was a numb feeling. In addition you could hear them talking; I kept my eyes shut because I could not bear to watch either Much better to be asleep.

gummi bear
I had it done while awake. They give you tons and tons of Novocaine and I even had laughing gas. I had all 4 teeth done at once and one was impacted. It wasn't bad. You feel them pulling and such on your teeth but I didn't feel any pain at all. The laughing gas just takes away the anxiety.

It takes longer to recover from being knocked out and there are rare side effects of anesthesia which is why I chose not to get it. You are so numb that you won't feel any pain during but it's your choice. Good luck :) It hurts like heck afterwards so make sure you get pain killers

Uncle Tim
I was awake for mine. It was fine. Only wierd part was when they broke the wisdom tooth to pull it out I saw little bits of tooth fly out of my mouth and thought to myself, I bet that hurt. Felt no pain at all, walked out of the office on my own. Had a friend drive me home just so I could concentrate on the gauze in my mouth - you do bleed quite a bit from it.

goto sleep your better off not knowinganything about it

Yes, with an anesthetic, you'll be able to sleep through pretty much the whole thing, and with a touch of novocaine, you won't feel a thing.

I chose to be asleep. Took a friend with me and she took me home, where I slept it off!!!

teresa m
Take the drugs it REALLY hurts. They did not have them when I had them removed!!!

Well I was asleep, so I can only offer the answer that would be a proponent to getting the surgery with anesthesia...... this worked out GREAT for me, as all of my wisdom teeth were impacted, so they had to dig my teeth out, I definitely didn't want to awake for that. I wasn't anxious and I recovered super fast, with no problems.

Diana A
I had mine taken out when i was 17 and I was out, I would NOT want to be awake because you will feel the pressure and all that fun stuff. IF you are given the option always choose to be put under.

mickey g
my mom got hers done awake, she had the gas, but she said she could hear it squeeking the whole time they were taking them out.

i got put under. i was sooo groggy afterwards and in soooo much pain that i just passed out when i got home. but i hate pain so i didnt want to be awake when they did it. to me it only felt like it took about 5 minutes, and apparently they woke me up half way thru and idont remember that at all.

You do NOT want to be awake for it!!! Most times they have to break the teeth to remove them, and pull really hard! Get the anesthesia, by all means!!!!!

I had no expierence,but in my opinion I think you should take the anthesisa. Just so your more calmed and you don't have to watch the doctor do surgery on your mouth and before you know it, your surgery is finished and you hardly felt a thing. Again,my opinion.

Hoped I helped.

It all depends on the state of your wisdom teeth. Are they impacted? Or do they just need to come out? If they are impacted it may take some doing to get them out. (The top teeth will be easier to come out than the bottom. Gravity and all that.)

Ask for a time estimate. If you think you can take it for whatever the length of time is, go for the local shot. If you think it will be too much for you to endure - seeing everyone in the room, listening to everything going on, etc - go for the nap.

You can count on being out of commission for a couple of days, so plan to have soft foods available and at the ready. Foods like canned spinach, pudding, chicken soup. Nothing you need to chew. You will be sore. See if you can schedule it for a Friday morning. You'll have the weekend to rest.

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