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mommy of two :)
Put to sleep for wisdom teeth?
I went to the dentist today and he said I need to have my 3 remaining wisdom teeth extracted by an oral surgeon because he is afraid to pull them out because they are to close to a nerve that can leave your lip and tongue paralized or numb. He said I have to be put to sleep. I had one of my wisdom teeth pulled out a year ago with just novicaine. I dont understand why he wouldn't pull my others out without having to be put to sleep. Does this sound right???

Because he's going to cut your teeth out. I had it happen to me, when you wake up they're will be two strings hanging out of your mouth (like two tampons, in fact I think they might have been) The operating room is freezing cold and you'll probably have to pea real bad.

Get gassed ,good advice.

If they are wrapped around the nerve or too close then yes, oral surgery is best. I had all four of mine cut out at one time and I had to be put under. He just wants to make sure that none of the nerves are damaged in the extraction.

kids and cats
Being put to sleep for a procedure like this is not the same as being put to sleep for major surgery. Obviously, you're not intubated - the ventilator would seriously get in the way of the dental work being done :-)
They do what is called "float" you. You get enough of something like Versed or Fentynl to induce a light sleep, and a kind of amnesia about the whole event. It wears off quickly, and doesn't leave you with a druggy feeling.
And, one of the other respondents is right, some things you don't want to be awake for.

Deirdre O
Sometimes the teeth are impacted in the jaw bone and it is less stressful for the patient to be under a general anestetic. You could ask him if he would use vertsid. Good luck.

It is easier for Oral Surgeons to work on there patients if they are put to sleep because there is a lot of tugging and crunching and it is faster

You can choose to be awake, even for impacted teeth. They may prefer you to be asleep because they can crank your jaw open wider if you're unconscious. They don't have to be quite as "delicate" if you are asleep.

yes it's normal dont worry about it if he said that than you better listen you dont want a paralized tongur and lip

Yes. Pulling three teeth takes a lot of time. If Novocaine starts wearing off while the Dr. is working on you, you would feel some serious pain.
I had a tooth pulled under general anesthetic. I was laying there thinking "when is this stuff going to take effect?" I was already in the recovery room and waking up at the time.
You will get a long and good night's sleep that evening as an added benefit.

Because of how the tooth is fused to the Jawbone, you wont be able to have it pulled. The oral surgeon will cut each tooth in four parts and remove each piece by piece. It's not a procedure that you'd want to be awake for. I had mine done by a great oral surgeon and felt little pain afterwards.

The oral surgeon will cut them out rather than pull them and risk hitting the nerve. You don't want to be awake when they are cutting your gums open.

laur laur the dinosaur.
i got this procedure about 6 months ago and my 4 wisdom teeth were still in my gums. all they do is they put u asleep with an iv. (i freaked out so they gave me laughing gas when they put in the iv) lol. and u wake up and u feel fine. then, on the way home u will start to feel like crap. ur cheeks will swell and u will be unable to eat solid food for a couple of days. i couldn't even swallow my pain medicine so my mom crushed it and put it in some pudding. i actually cried when it would wear off because it hurt so bad. u will feel like crap for about 3-4 days. but then u'll be fine. i promise.

I think that if the dentist doesnt want to risk you being numb for the rest of your life, you should trust him. Even though I have seen people getting they're all 4 wisdom teeth with only lidocaine. it all depends where the wisdom teeth are located at.

The reason for the referral is due to the risks of the procedure. If you do not want to be put to sleep, discuss this with the oral surgeon. I've done some gawdawful procedures on people who do not wish to be put to sleep and they made out just fine. If you understand how difficult the procedure might be, you might ask about remaining awake. If you are a good patient and able to cooperate, the surgeons might be just as happy if they don't have to put you to sleep. You WILL have a consultation visit prior to the actual procedure and this would be the right time to discuss this with the surgeon who will actually be removing your teeth.

Probably because of how they grew in. The roots could be tangled around nerves. Or maybe they have not come in all the way and have to be cut out. I was put to sleep to have mine removed.

It sounds absolutey right. The wisdom teeth can be very tricky and they come very close to the trigeminal nerves which control the muscles of the face. Most general dentists won't pull them even if they can see them, and many can't be seen. You are much safer going to an oral surgeon. And sleeping thru the procedure is the best way for the surgeon to assure you won't move while he is working near all those sensitive nerves, and is actually alot easier on you. Don't be a wuss, go to the oral surgeon.

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