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Prevent cavities from growing?
Is there anyway that you can prevent a cavity from growing or possibly making it go? I am scared to death of the dentist, but until i go, is there anyway i can at least prevent it from growing?

No. A cavity is growing decay of your tooth. Getting it filled is the only way to stop it from destroying your whole tooth.

Rurouni Ian
same here. just brush and floss a lot. and use mouthwash too.

just keep taking care of ur teeth, mouthwash daily, and brush them twice a day.

I was recently at my dentist,as I to do not like to go I had to have a tooth pulled,He told me that cavities spread like cancer the only way to stop it is to get them all fixed(filled) because they will just keep spreading to all your teeth then once you are cavitie free its the old answer to brush and floss good for several times a day.

style P
U have to get the existing cavity filled in.. once the decaying process has started it will continue to grow and it will get worst..trust me go get your teeth cleaned every 6 months brush twicw a day and floss daily... this is how u can prevent cavities but since u already have one the cavity can decay the whole tooth which can be more costly in the long run..I work in a dentist office and people are always scared it's ok to let them know... but please go get the tooth taken care of

Listen to Tamara. She is right, once a tooth starts the decay, the only way to stop the decay is to see the dentist and have it drilled out and filled otherwise you will end up in allot of pain, going under, losing the tooth, replacing the tooth, and have went broke by then, so fix it now.

brush and floss your teeth. use mouthwash like Listerine. don't eat a lot of candy.

the only thing u can do is; brush ur teeth very effectively and often.. if you are young, there is no way to make it grow slowly, but if u r a bit old (above 20)it grows a bit slower.. u can't make it go, forget that.. get over ur fears and go to a dentist.. after the dentist fixes it,keep going regularly, so u won't have to go for cavities&fear that much..

summer(real name)
its called brushing and that is the best way or going to the dentist and him pulling it out or filling it

listerine isn't going to help reverse decay.

Only if the cavity is very very small can it be reversed. In these cases you would need to keep it clean, avoid acidic and sugary foods like cocacola, and use a fluoride gel or paste on the tooth. Some dentists suggest placing a smear of toothpaste every night on the area. IF it is a cavity you notice though and you are so scared u havn't checked it out at the dentist, I think that it may be too late for reversal..... don't leave it too long or there won't be much left, or the tooth will become infected and it will be bye bye tooth instead of fixing it.

brush often, stay away from sweets and sodas and sugary drinks. But once it has started, unless you stop eating food altogether, there is nothing you can do to prevent it from getting worse. Please see your dentist. It isn't scary, and you can request general anesthesia so that you aren't awake at all during the procedure.

I'm just joining in to say I agree with Bouncing Molar, as usual.

Get your cavity fixed as soon as you can. Tooth decay is like rust; it never sleeps.

You need to floss daily between your teeth... you need to brush your teeth at least 2x a day. Chew xylitol gum between meals and always keep your saliva flow up.

brush, floss, and rinse. stay away from sugar.

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