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One of the front teeth is just a bit broken, will it grow back?

yes i am cool!
ha thats a bummer if you go into your dentist they can fix it

no it will not grow back. since it is the front tooth>>suggest to have a white filling. I did that to my tooth. If behind & can't see>>have it cap naturally or gold. I have 2 gold cap on my molars. Best to go to the dentist & ask for your options.


No never

anand p
depends how old are you but normally they do nt grow back...

no teeth dont grow back
u can consult ur dentist n ask him to fix a cap on it

nope... it wont grow back.. go to your dentist

Yes they all grow back dont worry, in fact if i was you i would break them all so you can have a brand new set of lovely choppers and if you dont like them d it again

Or am i mistaking them for Nails???????

Mrs. Lisa
no, sorry.


Wait untill it does.lol

noooo it won't.

but do get it seen by a dentist. if the break is too deep, infection and decay can set in, and your tooth might end up having decay in the root. that could lead to a reaaally big filling or even root canal treatment.

Only if that tooth is yet a baby tooth. But if you are finished growing teeth, then you can forget it. Visit your dentist and have a crown placed over that broken tooth.

well if it is a baby tooth, if it is permanent already, it won't grow back :-D

dont be silly of course not your not a lizard are u???


Sorry but teeth don't regenerate if they are broken. If it bothers you, you can check with your dentist about any proceedures that they can do to make it look whole again. Some of them are kind of expensive but it's worth it if the tooth being broken lowers your selfesteem.

Mia G
No, but you should ask your dentist about getting a cap or something if it really bothers you.

no but u can get it repaired at the dentist.

Jennifer S
No I that for a know for a fact, when I was 10 I slipped and hit my front top teeth on the bath tub and chipped four top teeth. And, now I am 26 and they are still chipped.

Teeth do not grow back. Teeth can be restored, crowned or capped. Consult a dentist.

no. they dont grow back. you'll need a cap from the dentist.


Heck no. You have to go to the dentist and have it fixed quick or you can just keep your chipped tooth.

just me here
Where have you been?
A human is blessed with 2 sets of teeth..
Baby and adult sets......
That's it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

no! but your dentist can put a white crown so that it looks real

No, teeth don't grow back; however, there are many ways it can be fixed. Is this a permanent tooth? There are many dentists' that can fix a chip or cracked tooth with material called resin and it is very inexpensive. If for some reason resin material can't be used, you can always get a vaneer on that tooth. It will match your other teeth and look very natural.

broken teeth never grows up. you will have to repair it with a dentist. there are tooth coloured fillings , which will make your teeth look like as it ws before. I f the damage is extensive, you have to go for a root canl treatement followed by a cap

no, you are given baby teeth and those fall out and when you get the adult one when something happends to those you are stuck with them.

Deana G
no, your teeth do not keep growing. You can have a dentist smooth it out, or over time it will smooth from chewing.

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