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Need to do root canal. Dont have the money. What are my options?
I am having pain in one of my tooth and need to get root canal done which will cost something like $700. I don’t have that much money....
I am an international student at a US university and only have basic health insurance from my university. My insurance does not cover dental charges
Are there any options for me! Where could I go for help…?

sale your car. SAVE YOUR TEETH! You only get one of them. Any type of replacement is never as good as what GOD put there in the first place.

Sarah S
Welcome to US citizenship where if you are not an Iraqi the government could give a crap about your teeth or anything or anything else about you except where your money is going and how they can take more. Sorry hon, your teeth are the least of their concerns.

Not to get the root canal.

To leave it like it is.

Or to have someone you know do it

Possibly a free clinic if they're around and feeling generous


kendell c
If there is a dental school in your area they will do it at a greatly reduced rate. Its students performing the procedures but they are supervised by the teachers.

I suggest you have to get tooth pulled out!

It will save you lot of money on root canal.

I have same problem.

Go to www.AffordableDental4All.com they will help you save a lot of money, and just ask them, they should work with you on a payment plan.


Go to your local Dept of Human Services and they will give you a list of free or almost free services.

Wow I just went through the same thing 6 months ago. It costs so much money for a root canal. I do know of a company that can save you up to 80% on your dental benefits and it only costs $11.95 a month. That includes free Prescription, Vision, Chiropractic Care.
A normal root canal costs up to $900.00 dollars and with this company it's about $400 dollars.

I sure hope you get that fixed. Check out that site to see if it could help you.
Good luck to you.


You may lose your tooth if you wait too long. Extracting the tooth should not be an option, I know the root canal is expensive but you should go back to the dentist and have them get you out pain. Then ask them if they have a financial plan that you can pay in monthly payments. If that does not work then try the free clinics in your area, see if they have dental care, some do. Last you should try dental schools and general hospitals for dental care. Your very last resort should be to get your tooth pulled, you are too young to have a missing tooth and risk having your teeth shift-this will create gaps between your teeth.

As far as I know the only other option you have is to visit a dentist and have it pulled.It is only $150.00 to $200.00.Those prices includes cleaning of teeth,xrays,office visit and pulling the tooth.

Look into CareCredit. It is essentially a low interest credit card. Having the tooth pulled would be an option, but that cost money too. Here's the website. http://www.carecredit.com/

Lots of good answers here, but here is another option. Check out www.carecredit.com. Many dental clinics are now offering Care Credit as a way to help pay for those expensive procedures that many people cannot afford all in one chunk. It is a plan that breaks down the payment into several smaller payments with low to no interest. The only caveat is a credit check. But most people with average to good credit will qualify with no problem. The website has a search function to help you locate a clinic that offers Care Credit.

Good luck!

Bonzai Betty
If its not a front tooth, then get it pulled. I had the same trouble a couple of years back and I could not get any help with the costs or any credit. Try to see if you can qualify for some kind of cost cut being a resident of the state you go to school in.

Future DDS
You can also try a Dental School. I know my school does procedures for a discounted price. There are also clinics that provide free services. Call your local health department. Usually the cheapest option is pulling the tooth, because if you get a root canal then your dentist may want to give you a crown or a bridge which can be expensive. What ever you do get it taken care of fast, you don't want the infection to spread. Good Luck

You can have the tooth pulled out, much cheaper.

If your university happens to have a dental program, I'd make an appointment in their clinic and see how much it would cost there. They are generally MUCH cheaper than a normal dentist. Better yet, if you have a friend in the program, and they need someone to bring to class and practice on, volunteer! It's usually free. And the students are well trained before hand and have a seasoned dentist supervising them, so don't be worried that they'll accidently fix the wrong tooth or anything. And students are often much more attentive than actual dentists, as they're being graded for their work. FYI, the same goes across the board, dental hygenist students, cosmetologist students, all do a better job in school than the liscensed pros do in real life.

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