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My son has ulcers in his mouth and a white tongue what should I give him?
I have been putting TCP on them but it has been a few days now- is there anything kids can have or could it be a sign of something else e.g run down. he is 4 yrs old and has just done a few weeks of 4 days a week at school/preschool so is very tired.
Additional Details
I wil take him to the doctors but I wanted to know if anyone knew of something to keep him going until I get him there, since i dont have my car while my partner is at work. I do not appriciate some of the messages there is no need and he does not have thrush becuase I know what that looks like, just a couple of ulcers and that white coated tongue we all get when we are under the weather.

Honest_ _Charlie
You should take your kid to a doctor. All the symptoms sounds like he has Aids. Seriously.

Sounds like thrush so would need a nilstat script. Seeing a doc is a good idea.

Fiona I
Gert him to the docs for some anti biotics it sounds like thrush

The ulcer and white tongue are symptoms of toxin overload and is connected to his intestine (constipation).He's too young to be on a detox program (pill form).First give him a laxative for children , up his Bran Intake along with his Water Intake.Give him Fruits and Veggies for 7 - 14 days.During this time cut all Dairy,Red Meats,Sugar,Processed Foods,Perservatives.


Gentian Violet is very good..if your chemist has it..

try webmd.com
or better yet a doctor

Shell P
This sounds suspiciously like "Thrush" which is common in young children or those on antibiotics for extended periods. Try feeding yogurt with 'Live Active Cultures" & consult your Dr. about prescription for Nystatin. An easy swish & swallow treatment that can be flavored to suit.

he may have oral thrush and needs Nystan -go to GP

Hi it could be Thrush or a virus known as Hand Foot and Mouth (not as bad as it sounds) just get it checked out.


Take him to the doctors and then came prescribe something also their is a cream for ulcers

my mum used to tell us we got them from telling lies and would then beat us around the head for it. it never cured the ulcers though. over the years i have fond that washing the mouth out with salt water as regular as possible is a good cure. TCP is another cure but it tastes vile.

it might be a think called "herpangina" it's basically just the same virus that causes cold sores but manifesting in the mouth. he might have strep throat. have him gurgle salt water to relive some of the pain. and one of the best things is to let him sleep. if it is really that bad take him to the doctor.

it's me!!
try some pineapple juice and TAKE HIM TO THE DR'S....xxx

Emma W
Sounds like oral thrush. Pop him along to the doctors and get some nystatin. Its especially for oral thrush and should clear it up quite quickly.

Give him something cold that will make him feel more comfortable. Don't give him any oily food that will make him feel worse. Is better to get doctor's attention on ur son and do according to his advice. Take care. Good luck...

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