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Doris M
My husband can't seem to get rid of his bad breath no matter what he does. Does anyone know what he should do?
He brushes his teeth constantly, He flosses, he uses a pic to clean out his hole in his tooth, His gums also bleed when he brushes. But he really takes good care of his teeth and mouth. So what can it be?

trust me it is not the teeth but the stomach that is the culprit. he probably has a chronic digestion problem. consult a doctor

quit eating red meat...............like hamburger.

Answers Addict
he might be interested in this link


hope it helps : )

There is a condition that causes bad breath and it has nothing to do with the teeth. There is a pill he can take to help this out. I had a friend that had this also and once he got the pill it was so much better. Hope this helps...

Sinus issues or stomach problems. Could be rotten adenoids. I'd bank on the stomach issue, but he needs to see his doctor.

One of the things that causes bad breath for me are tonsil stones (tonsilloliths). They smell like crap (literally) and look like curdled cheese (and they're quite small but provide a powerful odor punch).


My wife has them too and uses Q-tips to get them out. I'm thinking of getting a Waterpik for them to see if that helps. Good luck.

Often halitosis can be caused in part by diet. Usually meat is the culprit. The stuff rots in the body before it is absorbed into the system. Does he also brush his tongue, inner cheeks, and gums as well as his teeth? The fuzz on your tongue can cause halitosis as well.

His tooth sounds as if it is rotting. He needs to see a dentist. If he does not, he is not taking proper care of his mouth. If his gums are bleeding he needs to see a dentist because gingivitis can lead to many problems.

I imagine visiting the dentist and having his mouth fixed up would solve a great deal of the problem.

It would be like kissing a new man! Think of the benefits to YOU!

health r
By drinking plenty of water and brushing
your teeth regularly, you can prevent bad
breath. I found the home remedies at
http://aches.in/badbreath.html useful

If his gums are bleeding there may be an infection going on. Check with the dentist. You may also want to try herbal supplements that will cleanse toxins and bacteria from the mouth and digestive tract that may be causing the bad breath.

Jakson Young
Drink fruit vinegar.

nasty dental habits do not go away. Deep cleaning helps

Even though your husband takes good care of his teeth and mouth, the bleeding gums is a sign of gum disease. This can cause other health problems if it's not treated. I also have gum disease, that's how I know about the bleeding gums. I have to take an antibiotic even before the dentist can clean my teeth. Have your husband go to the dentist for treatment before he starts loosing his teeth.

Gingivitis, and it could be deeper. If his gums swell up thats pretty bad. Go see a dentist.

He needs to go to the dentist. It sounds like he has a gum disease. Make him an appointment tomorrow this could be serious.

Donna L M
He should see a dentist alot of breath issue are caused by gum and teeth problems. There is even perspiration mouth wash so if he really does have an issue the dentist can help with that too. Also try using a tongue scrapper bad breath is caused by bacteria on the tongue not the teeth.

If the gums are bleeding that means he has early signs of gingivitis. He needs to see the dentist soon and get this checked out. His bad breath is most likely a combination of the gingivitis and his digestive system. Have him eat yogurt with live active cultures daily or use acidophillus capsules daily to see if that helps. Do be sure he sees the dentist soon though to get those bleeding gums looked at.

You just gave the problem for his mouth odor yourself. You said that his gums bleed when he brushes. Do you know that is not normal? That is a sign of periodontal disease. If he does in fact have this, then nothing he does at home is going to resolve the problem. The bacteria is below the gumline, and no matter what he does, he is not going to get all of that bacteria out of there.

Bacteria that causes gum disease if very difficult to kill and no matter what other tell you, or what you read in magazines or see on tv, you can not use anything at home that will kill it. He needs to visit the dentist and see how advanced his periodontal condition is, and then begin whatever protocal that they recommend.

Periodontal disease is in a sense hereditary, so if either of his parents had it, or if you know if they lost their teeth early in life, then you know that he has a high chance of developing it.

*** I'm sorry, but why are people totally missing out on the point that this woman already said that his gums bleed? That is a warning sign of gum disease. That would be the first thing to have checked out, not to stop eating red meat, not tonsil stones, not digestive problems. Bleeding gums are not normal. There is a simple answer here. Her husband have some form of periodontal disease. Whether it is mild gingivitis, moderate, or severe periodontal disease, he DOES have a form of it. Gums are not suppose to bleed when you brush. Since his are, the dentist should be the first place he goes to diagnose the problem. Do people realize how much bacteria are in the mouth? That they eat and poop like any creature and that poop is under your gums. (OK, I know that was way too descriptive and maybe a little over board, but gum disease is the #1 disease in the country and one that most people don't even know anything about.).

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