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My gums seem to be gradually vanishing and exposing my teeth can someone help im only 16 years old?
can someone give me any info on the matter please because im afraid my teeth will fall out
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I Brush My Teeth every day and i have no cavities or ne thing like that its just my gums or declining i started seeing this a few weeks ago but didn't think anything of it but i will go to the dentist as soon as possible

They won't, trust me that's a good thing.
You have healthy gums that all.

Floss! Floss! Floss!

Your symptom is a dead ringer for gingivitis.


Oras Ukir
I think you might have gingevitis. but I'm not a dentist, so I'm not sure. You really should think about calling and arranging an appointment with your dentist. They would know for sure and what you can do to treat it.

See your dentist, don't go on Yahoo Q&A for medical advice!

You are probably brushing too hard!

But get thee to the dentist. You won't get a guaranteed correct answer here. You should see some of the idiotic answers I get!

Dentist! Now!

Sounds like Gingivitis, you need to see a dentist, you probably need a deep scale cleaning.

Also use a fluoride mouthwash like ACT.

Hi. I'm sorry to hear about your gums. Let me tell you...the best thing you could ever do is 1) go see the dentist, but when he tells you only Rx or gum surgery will save you, don't listen. Before you drop that kind of cash for that kind of pain, 2) go google OraMD. It's all natural and it really works...I mean...REALLY WORKS!! Your mouth will heal on it's own if you use this faithfully for a few months. Trust me. Read the emails. You have nothing to lose. Gums get tighter, pinker...teeth get whiter, cavities heal, no drilling needed. I know you won't believe me....and others who read this will tell you I'm full of crap. Truth is...I didn't believe it really worked either. Check it out. You'll be happy you did. Just look into it and keep an open mind, or a closed mind. But I know you don't want to lose those teeth and you DON'T want the pain of surgery.

ingrid c
That is usually a sign or Periodontal Disease (sp). It's easy enough to fix if you catch it early and go to the dentist. THey usually treat it with a special mouthwash (no you can't get in a regular drug store - you have to get it from a dentist or via Rx).

Since you notice it, it's probably pretty advanced. And you definatly need to get to the dentist like yesterday. Honesty, If you don't have health insurance try your local clinic first and see if they can recommend someone. But if left untreated you will not have any teeth very very soon.

Your gums are not to be covering your teeth. If you brush them and take care of them you will have them all your life. I am 45 and have 96% of my teeth but my nefew did not take care of his and he is 26 with no teeth they went all bad. So keep good care of your teeth and go to the dentis every 6 months for cleaning and checking to see if anything is wrong.

you need a dentist it sounds like gingavitis and some people i know have had a thing like that if you don't brush your gumline well food gets stuck in the gums and you have to have an operation where they peel your gums back and clean it out. the people i know that that hapened to were around 35 and 40 though.

Dr. Trevor
your teeth WILL fall out if you do not take action immediately.

You have gum disease. regular flossing, brushing, mouthwash and Vitamin C will help. But you must see a dentist soon.

Go. Listen. Pay him. Do what he says.

m k
you might have gum diease

You could have a really bad problem you should got see your dentist

stick man
My gums were doing that some. go to the dentist and ask him to thoroughly check your teeth. Mine said it was because of plaque buildup. A second told me I was in no danger, they just needed a thorough cleaning. go to the dentist.

Go to the dentist.

Angel T
brush your teeth and floss!!
and be sure to visit your dentist every 6 months!

do u brush ur teeth a lot
or do drugs
or anything abnormal or excessive using ur mouth?

You need to see a periodontist.

You need to start flossing if you don't want to lose your gums permanently. Go to your dentist immediately, I believe it's called peridontitis. Look it up online to see if it sounds like your prob. Try here:

New Shews
It is possible that you are clenching your teeth and causing an effect called abraction. When you clench, the teeth rock. The root surface or dentin is much softer and that will be what wears. Some people will have sensitivity in this area. Once the surface of the root is abfracted, the fibrils of the gum tissue doesn't have anything to attach to and it recedes. If this continues, you can destroy the attachment of the gum, but generally won't cause your teeth to fall out. Tissue grafts are done when recession is excessive. It would be good to be evaluated by a dentist to see if a night guard could help your issue. Secondly, if you are lifting, make sure you don't clench your teeth when you press.

You should be having teeth cleanings with your dentist at least once a year. Your dentist would have caught something going on. If you have insurace and know where your insurance card is then call up your dentist office tomorrow or find one and make an appointment. Depending on your insurance the office you call the appointment should be free or at least not cost that much.

i advise you to see a doctor & or dentist

Definitely go see your dentist. You may just be brushing too hard, but it could be something else your dentist needs to know about.

kiki dee
go to the dentist! O.o

Nam D.
I recommend you to ask your dentist about it, he will show you and recommend you how to take care of your teeth to prevent the worse nightmare ever!

oww you may have gingivitus or gum disease (didn't know it could affect someone so young though). You should see your dentist asap coz they can help if you don't leave it too late.

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