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 Getting wisdom teeth removed?
Could people share their experiences?
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Both of my bottom ones are severely impacted. The top ones are "fine," but I'm getting them removed anyways.

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 I had a major toothache yesterday, and now my cheek bulged out. Is it related to the toothache?
The filling of my tooth fell out.
It's one of my wisdom teeth,
it doesn't hurt much,
but the bulge is getting bigger....

 My mum has an aching tooth..how could she stop the pain?
the tooth is moving..and really painful..she already had two neurofens..but nothings changed...
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The dentist is shut today..Wer're not stupid..if it was ...

 Help! Braces question!?
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 How can l get rid of bad breath?
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★ThInkS fOr HeRseLf★
My gums hurt so bad! Can somebody help me get rid of the pain?
I've been having a cavaty on the right lover side of my teeth for 3 years and I've been having bad toothaches off and on because I had an abcest. Recently the part of the tooth where the cavaty was out came out and it just left a little whole in the middle of my teeth where you can see some of my gums. Although my tooth isn't hurting anymore...my gums are starting to hurt...right at the part where you can almost feel the jawbone. Does anybody know what I can do to keep it from hurting so bad?

If it's from the nerve endings have you tried tylenol extra strength or advil? I'm not a doctor and it's probaly bad advice...but what about that kankasore numbing medicine?

Reid C
Take ibuprofen
and eat softer foods.
also when you brush your teeth, dont brush so hard.
that's happened to me before cause i was brushing too hard.

bless your heart you probably cannot afford a dentist if you haven't gone. Ask if the dentist will take a monthly payment in small amounts.

make an appointment to see the dentest and take advils. Advils reduce pain. Really i had the same problem as you and I took Advils.

u can use orajel to numb the pain or a painkiller. you should see your dentist - leaving cavities for 3 years is bad because the infection can go right to your jaws and pus can build up. My teacher lost his voice for a few days because of a tooth infection, and I've seen some kids with large abcess because they don't do anything about their cavity.

tulip telo
also you can take advil i think but im not sure
also to prevent this use mouth wash

Try some L-Lysine, That is what my Dr. told me to do. You can find it in the vitamin isle. In any drug store or grocery. Or if you can stand the taste Anbesol, (yuck ).

Dentist immediately.


go to the dentist

are you retarded your teeth are crying and saying there alive! take care of your little pearly babies! give them some toothpaste! and go to the toothmaster (dentist ) if you don't your pearly babies with all quit on you and go away (fall out) so help your pearly babies and go to a toothmaster

please go to the dentist.
best way.
good luck :)

Candy C
You need to get to a dentist, you are developing an infection. You need to have that tooth pulled. Good luck!

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