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My gum still hurts two weeks after my tooth was removed, is this normal?


no its not, go to some clinic and check it out.....

Gorilla Mike
I got 2 teeth extracted, and it took about 2 weeks to 3 weeks to stop hurting. It depends on the size of the tooth. Also, make sure you do not have a dry socket. That is a hole (which did not clot with blood) and this means you have open nerve endings exposed. If you have this, you will need to pack it with cotton, to allow it to reclot, and heal. Best bet is to go see your dentist. It may just take a few more days. Ibupropen, take 4x200 mg. That will take care of the pain.

If there wound has closed and there's no swelling, you're probably okay. But check with your dentist to be sure.

Did the dentist have problems removing the tooth? It could be a bruised bone. I had all my teeth extracted over ten years ago and I still have "tooth aches" they are what is known as phantom pain but it hurts just as bad as if it were a real tooth.
Either way if this is hurting that bad I would be checking with the dentist. If it is a dry socket or an infection you need to get it taken care of.

There are two products that I believe help relieve sore gums. They are from a company called Oxyfresh and you can only buy them online. They are Oxyfresh's "Super Relief Dental Gel" and "All Purpose Gel".

Give them a try.

Go to http://www.oxyfreshww.com/OxyMike click on "Products" and click "Dental"

Good Luck! :)

yes, I had a couple teeth removed at the same time and my gums hurt for close to a month. your mouth is the slowest healing part of you body because of all the moisture. wounds heal faster with air.... when they removed your tooth, they left a hole. hole's take a while to close....

make the momma crazy
it is normal. not unless it is dry socket.

Hippie Chick
If it hurts like hell...and I mean BAD..could be dry socket...I tolerate pain pretty well and that brought me to tears...

i am not shore that is normal talk to your dentist maybe there is an infection and you need some antibiotics

No, it's not. If you dentist wasn't careful, part of the root could have been left in the gum, or perhaps a bone fragment from the jaw is trying to work out. Dry socket is also a possiblity. I would get a new x-ray from your dentist, and if you don't trust your current dentist, have the x-ray done by another dentist's office.

The gum will be sore for awhile it just takes time for it to heal. Perfectly normal for it to still be sore.

Yes its normal! Sometimes it takes up to a month to stop feeling tender! Especially if you are playing with it unconciously with your tongue and when you are chewing. It will heal in time. I feel for u! Nothing worse!

What a bunch of crap is found here

The mouth is the fastest healing part of your body, unless there is a problem.

You should not have pain. Contact your dentist ASAP
He should be the first to know when you have a question.
No Dentist
Not one single one, wants something they did to snowball out of control into a major infection.

Call him

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