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ive been told my breath sometimes smells like fart
i brush twice a day for about 5 mins and gargle with listerine
i visit the dentist every 6 months
please help!
sometimes i never drink enough, could this be a possible cause?
sometimes i eat gum, which keeps my breath minty for about 30 mins then it jsut goes smelly
please help!
what else can I do except for visit a doctor?
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im being serious and all these "gross" comments dont help my self esteem guys

So many nasty comments to s serious problem. I doubt your teeth are the problem since you see dentist regularly. disbetes, post nasal drip, acid reflux can all cause this. See your doc. Brushing tongue, or tongue scraper may help. Good luck.

You have a case of halitosis. Brush 3 times a day and brush your tongue. If it countinues, talk to your dentist about the problem.

You could have Periodontal Disease. This causes the Gums to be sensitive, recede and bleed. It will also cause Halitosis (Bad Breath). Try garling with warm salt water a few times a day. Salt is a healer and if there is a problem going on with your teeth and Gums, this will help. The main thing for you to do, is go see a Dentist, ASAP..

First, you need to not only brush your teeth but your tongue and your inside cheeks because they carry a lot of germs. You might want to consider getting a colon cleanse. Sometimes bad breath isn't just topical but internal as well.

bad teeth can make your breath smell. go to the dentist. bad breath is also a sign og infection. it is best to see either a doc or dentist. goodluck.

Matt H
use mints or gum and brush your tongue aswell !!

Try to buy some liquid that contain chlorophyll, you drink it, and it clean your stomach so you get a clean breath.

Sounds like you need to clean out your system.
Also, you said you never drink enough (water?). Maybe you need to get into the habit of drinking a lot of water daily.

Dont let your mouth get dry. Always have a drink or brushing wont help becuase your mouth stinks when its dry. Thats why babies who drool alot dont have stinky breath.

flossing helps alot.
while brushing, flossing, mouth wash, etc. all HELP, it may be..

(dun dun dun)


lots of people have them.. theyre white, hardened mucus globs that you choke on/cough up/ can see in your tonsils & can pick out.

they cause horrible breath.
trust me, i know. im struggling with this now.
you cant help it! ive heard gargle with salt water..

ask your doctor bout em.. but if hes a meanie like mine he'll say "let them run their course"

oo yea they really "run their course..."
that's why my dads 50 n has them n bad breath.. i guess theyre still runnin.... XD

haha good luck, hope i helped!!

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Please drink water - you too acid... maybe you consider to change your diet eliminate coffee, cooke, junk food? Drink clear water, eat natural food, breath, move, smile, have fun :)

pete b
try brushing your teeth, and tounge, with baking soda

Bobby G
That nasty smell is from anaerobic bacteria, which
could be from anywhere along your GI tract including
your mouth. May I suggest a 7 to l0 day course of
Metronidazole(Flagyl). Have your dentist or physician
write you a presecription. Avoid excess sweets that
may be fermenting. Depending on your age you
could very well have diverticuli (little pouches) in your
esophagus , stomach or small intestine. It can harbor
bacteria(anaerobic organisms or even decayed food).
Good Luck!

Jamaican QT鈩
Very important: Make sure you floss as well! Bacteria can hide inside the cracks of your teeth!

Carry a portable toothbrush with you

Yes... you should drink more water

Brush the back of your tongue or buy a tongue cleaner and use it when you brush. Bacteria also hides on the tongue

Good luck!

Make sure you brush your tongue, and floss If you diet that could be the problem also When I don't eat for days Mine smells bad to its your body shutting down.

you may have a problem with your stomach. Talk to the pharmatist, maybe they can tell you what to get for it.

Well i don't know that i have anything to add that has not already been said i have dipped and smoked for as long as i can member? anyway abouts only brush maybe once a day but i floss every night after i brush my teeth? drinking all types of drinks as a matter of fact i always have a drink of some sorts in my hand bc the medicine i take gives me a cotton mouth affect!? but I guess i really must add that i have never really had this problem one of the few i seemed to got by without? although i wake up every morning with a nasty taste in my mouth, but i reckon everyone wakes up with the terrible assed morning breath! hope this helped? lates-

YOU MAY HAVE A SERIOUS GUM PROBLEM. Below the gum line, You also could have a stomach or health problem. See a dentist first and rule out the mouth problem then to a dr. for a good check up. asap............. I have no other snswer, you must not cover up the problem, get to the sourse...

Change your diet. Don't use lipstick. Floss twice a day. Brush twice a day. Change your tooth brush every month. Be conscious of what you eat and drink before you talk to others. Keep up with gargling. Life Extension has a natural tooth paste that will help. My whole family use it and we love it! My husband use to have this problem but not anymore. He also keeps mints in his pocket not gum.

Dyslexics of the world, Unite!
I read about this if you brush 2 times a day and floss and it still smells you should visit the dentist and tell them because it might be something serious.

Good luck!

Ignore the 'meanies', they just want the points for answering...

Do you floss before you brush? If not, you're just brushing 3 surfaces of the teeth, which have 5, and missing where bacteria and 'gunk' can hide, which is in between the teeth...

Try flossing first, then brush....

~it's worth a try!


Go to the dentist. You probably have a leaking crown/cap.

you need to get a tongue brush and cheek brush. they are what hold the rank smell in your mouth. i had really rank breath also until i got a tongue and cheek scraper, and now my breath doesnt reek. try it.

Teddy's Mom
Floss, the stuff that gets caught between teeth stinks. Also there is a mouth wash called Tri Oral on QVC that really works. It is also on ebay and at stores under the name Smartmouth. I know that is a strange name but it is true.
Go to www.trioral.com and learn about it. Good Luck.

rocco c
u have a disease known as zackaly ----- your breath smells zackaly like your a-ss

brush the back of your tongue on the gag reflex area, that is where most of the bacteria live and poop. what you smell is actually tongue bacteria poop

Maybe you get tonsil stones
Just google: tonsil stones

Or maybe it's a sinus problem...whenever I get sinus infections my breath reeks

Gum also makes it worse....it only works for a few minutes...and drinking more water may help as well

Sinus infections
Bad tooth (rotten)
Some stomach chemistry can be the cause

brush the back of your tongue, thats where alot of plaque gets stuck. also try to have a fresh supply of mints or gum with you at all time.

醿︹槅 philly 鈾 soul 鈽嗎儲鈩
Brushing your tongue very well really helps.
It may also be a bad tooth that needs to be pulled out.
Try drinking plenty of water
if you are not having bow movements on a regular basis (one or twice a day) that could definitely be the problem.
And last but not least when your body tries to fight infections whether it be sinus or a regular common cold.your breath will have an odor (this happens a lot).It has even happened to me.

My suggestions

Go to the dollar store nearest you and buy 4 or 5 bags of mints. Keep one in the glove compartment in your car, a pack in your purse, one pack in the office at your job, a pack in your living room and a pack in the bedroom.

Good Luck

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