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Just got all four of my wisdom teeth pulled out any advice?
(Pain magement, control bleeding, swelling etc...)

Stay away from hot or cold foods. You are going to be really sensitive for a while so go towards foods that are lukewarm and don't need a lot of chewing. Apple Sauce, Jello, Pudding, those and Lukewarm soup are your friends.
Keep the four holes clean. Gargle with Salt Water, and swish it around in your mouth, it will help clot off the bleeding. Stay away from alcohol based products like Listerine for the first few days as they will burn.
Brush your teeth very very carefully.
Use Tylenol, but do not exceed 3000 mg a day.....
You can put ice on the outside of your mouth to control swelling.

i had all 4 of mine pulled at the same time too. i was bleeding like crazy so i had to constantly change the gaws in my mouth. all i can tell you is to take the pain medicine that your dentist gave you and eat soup or pudding. sleep too. the swellling is just going to happen and i found out that others didn't even notice it though i found it so profound. don't drink out of a straw and if you think that you are getting dry socket got back to the dentist immediately!!! best of luck to you. this time will pass and become a distant memory!!

Lake Lover
All I remember is bloody gauze....and --- sore jaws for a month. My sympathies!

All four of mine were impacted and had to be surgically removed. The doctor gave me an extra shot of novacane before I woke up. So I was feeling no pain...sorry to rub it in. Take a otc painkiller that reduces swelling, if the hole is still bleeding place a teabag on it and it will control the bleeding and as for the swelling use an ice pack

I'm surprised your doctor didn't prescribe a painkiller

eat ice cream

Take drugs are directed, try to sleep as much as possible, do not drink through a straw it causes dry socket, make sure you rinse your mouth out with warm salt water 3 times a day... enjoy your puddings and applesauce and so fourth.. had mine surgically cut out and it hurt something terrible.

ice. 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off for at least 12 hours, and preferable the first day. Helps with all of your parenthetical concerns.

Tara D
Keep on top of your pain medication. It's important to not get behind on it. Also put ice on your face. The swelling is awful lol. All 4 of mine were impacted. I got home, ate some dinner and threw up because of the gas, but after that I was fine lol. The only real problem I had was with the swelling. Ice works though.

Just follow the directions you were given to prevent dry socket. The pain should go away fairly quickly. I had four out at once and I was miserable the day I had them out, but after that it wasn't bad at all.

yahoooo reject
Take all the meds and keep your mouth shut....Doesn't a Big Mac With Cheese sound good ????

The best advise is to follow what your surgeon said. Don't use straws, take your meds according to the instructions. I would suggest eating lots of pudding and jello. You would think pasta would be soft, but the first time I tried to eat macaroni and cheese it amazed me how much I chewed pasta. I would say get some protein shakes/drinks as the protien will help provide the nutrients to heal.

Think soft and creamy, like tomato soup and pudding, think fortified drinks like EAS or Ensure for instance.

My wife existed solely on pudding, applesauce and tomato soup for about three days. It isn't easy but you'll get there as long as you don't try to do to much to fast.

i had my wisdom teeth cut out when i was in high school. for pain i recommend loading up on tylenol. to control the bleeding, as for that it will stop on its own. and the swelling will go down after a while. do not drink out of a straw because it will cause you to bleed. eat ice cream and popsicles. soup is good too, just stick with the liquids for a few days. you will feel better after a while. good luck with everything.

Clean the area as often as they tell you to, and take the drugs exactly as directed.

Oh, and be cautious when chewing the foods they say you can have.

I had mine out just a month ago.

The first day is the worst in terms of bleeding. It's important to keep gauze pads in your mouth at least 2/3 of the time. If they soak with blood replace them. Even though you may not want to eat anything, you should have something to eat so your body doesn't breakdown. Have some jello. If you're worried that you're swallowing blood just soak your mouth with gauze pads before eating. As for sleeping, you should be sleeping with some paper towels on your pillow to not get blood or saliva on your pillow.

The pain will get a little worse for the next few days (3 days for me) take the medication prescribed to you by your doctor (no matter what, unless you get an allergic reaction, which shouldn't happen)

The bleeding stopped after the second day for me, and by then you can stop using the gauze pads.

As for swelling, when your gauze pads are gone, you should put ice packs on your cheeks to control swelling, which should appear by day 4.

Of course, follow your doctors directions. You should be visiting him again soon, within 10 days of the operation, to discuss a long-term plan.

Oh, yes...when you can, it's good to rinse out your mouth with salt water (as bad as it tastes, you should start rinsing on the 3rd day to prevent infection)

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