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Is just novacaine enough for 4 teeth removed?
i am getting all f4 of my wisdom teeth removed. my mom is saying that its enough if i can just handle them pulling, pushing and the noises. but some of my co-workers are sayin i should use the IV and be put under. any experiences with either?
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red top
it depends if youre a wimp or you can handle it.

heather c
I had baby teeth pulled out with novacaine and a mollar that wasn't even loose. But for wisdom teeth all four of them I would be put to sleep, it will go by faster and you won't be all freaked out because i know that i would but you should really go with what you can afford.

Alex S
omg, novacaine wouldn't be enough for me! you don't have to go under-- you can just have the gas (nitrous oxide, i believe) + novacaine. you'll be out of it enough where you won't remember a thing... then, you get pain meds for after.

St. Kitten
I had oral surgery a few years ago. All four wisdom teeth were removed. I reccomend going under. It eliminates anxiety. My only complaint is that I was out of commission for a few hours afterward. If you have no prior knowlege of any bad reactions to such drugs, I would say that I reccomend going under completely. Another good thing about it is that it is over in no time at all.

I have had 8 teeth pulled and I was happily under for all of them. I wouldnt be able to handle just novacaine.

I was 16 when I had my two lower wisdom teeth removed in this manner and it wasn't a big deal. If they have to do surgery to get them out then the best way would be general anesthetic. However, the local anasthetic as well as 'gas' should be fine.

General anesthetics do have side effects and dangers, and I'm sure your mom is concerned about that. If you do it without general anesthetic, be sure to ask the Dentist if you you can take some ibuprofen prior to the removal procedure to start alleviating pain and swelling. And he'll no doubt prescribe some sort of painkiller for post-procedure pain. The LESS anesthetic you use for this the better you'll recover and feel afterwards.

I'm Awesome xD
well it depends on how big the dose of Novocaine is, ur mouth will be numb & ur only going 2 feel the pulling pressure of the dentist removing ur teeth. It won't hurt but novacaine dosen't last 4ever, ur mouth is gonna start 2 hurt after 1/2 hr anyway

Fullmetal Alchemist <3
If you choose novacaine, make sure you get ENOUGH of it. I remember when I got my wisdom teeth pulled and the stuff wore off HALFWAY through the procedure. I let out a blood curdling scream when I felt the breaker go down into my tooth to bust it apart. The dentist stopped and gave me more novacaine, but holy hell that HURT

Bill C
Novacaine is enough, but you may want something for after it wears off. Damarol or Vicadyn or something strong afterwards. I had some of my wisdom teeth surgically removed, but the shot was all I needed to not feel anything.

The Mrs.
They will give you novocaine no matter what. But I would HIGHLY suggest requesting to be 'put under'. You won't hear the crazy noises and the wrenching of the teeth...ugh, I can't even stand thinking about it. I was put under...it's the only way to go!

Some people just don't want to deal with the experience of having them pulled.

Are they through the gums? I'm assuming they are if just getting the shots is even an option. I've had 2 of my wisdome teeth pulled and it wasn't bad - just sounds horrible.

That area of your mouth is completely numb when they give you the shots. You can't feel them pulling the tooth any more than feel them filling a cavity. You can just feel the pressure and hear the cracking sounds.

It really wasn't bad for me.

I had my wisdom teeth removed at age 18. Two were impacted and two were not. I got the IV and was put completely under. Have all four of your teeth grown out? If they have, you might be ok with just Novocaine. I've have several teeth pulled (other than the wisdom teeth) with novocaine only and there is a lot of pulling, but I didn't feel any pain at the time.

This is probably something you should discuss with the dentist that is going to remove your wisdom teeth.

Just had 2 teeth removed with just the usual local anaesthetic injection and it didn't bother me at all, its really not sore all you feel is pushing. Threres no need to be knocked out its too dangerous, and so not worth the hassle afterwards.

i had shots for fillings before - hated them

i had iv last year when i had my wisdom teeth out - loved it!
i faded out, and when i faded back in, my mouth with a little sore, but i was fine(just remember to move your drink around like mouth wash after you eat, - that's best for keeping food out of the bottom holes)

♥ Sek ♥
Alot depends on your threshold for pain..... I tolerate pain so so ...but I would get the IV just to be safe ....There is no pain like toothache pain..... I am sure that most Oral Surgeons charge extra for the IV but it is worth it ......If it was my son or daughter I would want them to be comfortable and to have as less pain as possible ...

Good Luck ~~~~~~

yep, you can handle it. if you have ever had a filling done, that is. I was awake for all four of my wisdom teeth being pulled, and it really was no big deal. besides the price different, the longest part of getting them pulled was sitting around waiting for the novocaine to take effect. the actual time it took the dentist to remove four teeth was amazing. i have to admit the sounds were kind of gross, but be brave! I did! then you don't have to go under (which actually seems a lot scarier to me)

I had it done with novacaine and some laughing gas without much pain at all. I wouldn't go with just novacaine, because it doesn't relax you...it just deadens the immediate area. You need to be relaxed because it can be exhausting otherwise.

I had my 4 wisdom teeth pulled out on one visit. I got 6 shots before the dentist started to go to work on them - when I started feeling something he told me it was just pressure, but I told him that it was pain too, so he gave me a 7th shot and it was fine after that. Be warned you will feel lots of pressure. I was given pain medication afterwards but only needed to take it for one day - GOOD LUCK!

You should be fine especially if none of them are impacted, I had 2 removed in one visit one was impacted and infected the other one wasnt, I was put under. I was so sick after between the grogginess and the nausea from it. The second time I had another one pulled that too was impacted and infected I just had novacaine and I was fine. It was very quick, just pain after......It also depends on what kind of oral surgeon you have some dont care while others are all about pain management.....you will be fine, do whats good for you!!!

Good luck and God Bless.


For the removal yes but trust me he will give you good drugs for the pain that comes later

My daughter had four wisdom teeth removed all at the same time (2 impacted, 2 not). She knew immediately that she didn't like the feel of the laughing gas, so the dentist stopped it. She had them removed with just novacaine, and she was fine. You don't need to be put to sleep, and you're better off if you are not put to sleep.

Good luck. Don't worry...you'll be fine.

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