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Is it true that a tea bag is good for pain in the mouth? My mom had a tooth pulled and her mouth is sore.?
I can't remember if a tea bag was good for an actual "tooth ache" or if it would help her when she already had her tooth pulled out. Anybody know?

When my wisdom teeth were pulled out, the tea bag helped stop the bleeding, but didn't really do anything for the pain. Acetominaphen is the best bet.

I believe it is used after the tooth is pulled...there is somthing in the tea bag that draws out the soreness.

Try the warm salt water technique....or
try dissolving an aspirin in the water instead of salt and then a gentle rinsing...

A "touch" of alcohol for medicinal reasons might not be a bad thing.....if nothing else, it'll help sleeping

I've never heard of using a tea bag for mouth pain, but chamomile tea is antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.

yes it does work for some people,worm salt water 2 - 3 times a day do not swallow just rinse, and if she can she should not do any bending or lifting, for a day or to.

This should be funny

Tea bags are basically good when you have had a tooth pulled out. The tea bag contains tannic acid which is an astringent. An astringent is a substance that causes constriction of blood vessels thus effectively stopping the flow of blood. Hope this helps.

The Bulletproof Monk
Tea bags are generally recommended when you've had a tooth pulled and you get a dry socket, so it should help her (I got one and it did help). Clove oil is also good. I've always found heat and sleep is the best thing. Beyond that, have her take an ibuprofen painkiller (Advil or Motrin or generic). They are anti -inflammatory and may help with the pain, at least until she can see a dentist.

yes tea bags are good for tooth , mouth problems but when you have teeth pulled tylenol,advil is good unless the dr gave her something for pain the tea bag is a temp. relief for pain till you get to the dentist

QUESTION: 17years ago, I had a fall as a child and broke off my front tooth to the nerve. A tooth was build and only to the past 2years have I had some discomfort. I developed an abscess on my gum and it has grown large over night. I went to the dentist a few months ago and they made an opening in the tooth drained the infection and gave me some antibiotics for 10days. The problem has come back, I need some temporary relief until my appointment with the Doctor in a few days. What home remedies do you suggest? Salt
water, Green tea bags. Please let me know some remedies to get some relief, I have a lot of facial
swelling. Light pain

ANSWER: For quick relief of the pain, take a whole clove and bite down on it or put it between your cheek and gum where the tooth is abscessed. I would think your doctor would get you in immediately for something like this.

The best thing to do with a pulled tooth is to rinse the mouth with warm salt water. Not vigorously though. Just gently. The dentist should have given her something for pain. If he didn't I would suggest taking some tylenol. Extra strength.

hunni you can try clove leaves also they work or what i do which may sound strange is i take vick's in the bottle and i rub it on my cheek, the heat actually soothes the tooth....strange but true....

I have heard that teabags are good for a toothache AND to soothe the place where a tooth was pulled from. They are also good to put over your eyes when you're having a bad headache.

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