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Is it safe to use pliers to pull rotting/loose teeth out?
Besides it being reasonably painful, is it safe to pull rotting/loose teeth out with run-of-the-mill pliers, given that I clean them first?

Please don't suggest I go to see a dentist; I know that's an option, I'm just interested in the answer to this particular question.
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dats webster: the latter ... on myself.

r u mad course its not safe

Long as you don't grip to hard.Could break the tooth.But yes.I
pulled a loose tooth out of my mates mouth no trouble.At least it
wasn't for me.

Yes!! as long as you sterilize them first.... Thats all a dentist does anyway!! Good luck!!

You could get significant bacteremia (bacteria in the blood), not to mention failing to remove the tooth and its roots properly.

This is what you should do if you decide to go ahead with it:

rinse with povidone iodine before and after you pull it.

Of course antibiotics would be good but you are probably not going to the doctor to get those either.

The Original Highbury Gal
NO, NO NO, it is not safe to use pliers to pull out your own teeth, despite what some people have told you!
Sure your teeth may already be blowing in the wind and you may think all it will take is a gentle tug and out the offending tooth comes.
Not always the case my friend, if a tooth is so rotten and decayed it normally crumbles under the slightest pressure,
your then left with small fragments of tooth/bone which are so tiny and fragile that your pliers wont be able to grip onto them.
Sometimes the crown of the tooth can snap off during the extraction procedure and your then left with the root's of the tooth still in-tact!
As for cleaning the pliers before hand, unless you have a dental autoclave at home, which reaches 134 degrees in temp. i'd seriously let sleeping dogs lie and visit your dentist who is a trained professional and knows exactly what their doing!

Clean them properly though, I cant see not problem exept OUCH :) x

Outspoken but Honest
Well if you feel like doing it yourself fine but it`s a lot less painless at the dentist

No it is not safe, it is not always safe to have it done by dentists either, i had a tooth taken out by a dentist properly and the root broke and part of it stayed in my gum. The root also had a abysis on it and that had burst and my gum got infected and i had to have part of it cut out, which in turn caused another 2 healthy teeth to be removed so that at the top right side of my mouth i now have a big gap where 3 teeth used to be.

dats webster
Hell no. It's never safe. Which unqualified dentist is gonna use that for you. Or are you the unqualified dentist going to use that on somebody?

no, its not safe, thats as clear as crystal

♥♥ Miss Kelly ♥♥
im not sure but, my dad knows someone who does his own teeth, you can get a kit from boots and i think you can buy numbing stuff for it, and i know thats what he does, so i think it is safe if you use the numbing stuff
best of luck

Big Bad Boris Mayor of London
lots of people in the UK practise home dentistry because they can't afford to go to one!

Go for it , just don`t smash the tooth, that will bloody hurt.

no.....cause it takes a lot of guts to pull your own teeth out, and you could get a nasty infection.

Back in the day this is how we done it and it's still better than paying 90 bucks.
Happy pulling

i wouldnt say it was safe, but people have been known to use them in desperation.

I wouldnt recommend it. First up a pair of pliers is not the right tools for the job. Without the right tools your job is much harder and no promise of it going right. The pliers could introduce dangerous pathogens to the mouth and blood stream unless they were sterilized properly. Even if you could sterilize the pliers there is no guarantee that the tooth will come out quietly. The tooth could easily break leaving fragments in your jawline. You could also hit nerve endings and do damage or cause problems with the many blood vessels inside the tooth bed. There are too many risks to attempt such a operation yourself, this really should be left to a trained professional

No deffinatly not safe. When the dentist pulls a tooth it is with sterial tools. And it can get infected very easily so you may end up needing an antibiotic.

bubble v
It would not be a good idea cuz, without guidance of a professional. you might not get the entire root out, and it would be hard to properaly steralize them.

Bob P
The problem with using ordinary pliers is the shape (one assumes you would sterilise them first).

Tooth pullers have a distinct shape, designed to spread the pressure around the tooth.

Using pliers would risk crushing the tooth, which is likely to leave pieces of the tooth embedded in the gum and all the problems that could cause.

pls do not attempt to remove the tooth yourself it may break!!!!! instead try root treating yourself!

Never do that...it might cause infection or you can even break it and leave the root inside and this can cause a more serious problem...plus it is probably very painful.

Gosh you are having a bad time at the moment - funerals, feet and rotting teeth. I wouldn't pull out teeth yourself as you won't be able to see what angle you need to pull, plus it might hurt if the root hasn't died.

Hope your life gets better soon!

Medium Dave
Yes, it's safe - my mate down the pub has done it a couple of times that I've seen. If he has a tooth-ache, he just yanks the tooth. Personally, I'd take the novocaine...

Just because it's safe does not mean it's sensible. At least get some clove oil, or some booze.

EDIT: ignore the people talking about sterile tools. THe only contact the tools have is with the tooth, which is coming out anyhow - aside from which, your mouth has a higher bacterial count than your bunghole. It's not a sterile place, no matter how sterile your tools. Nevertheless, it copes quite admirably with the loss of a tooth.

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