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Randy W
Is it safe to apply rubbing alcohol to stop a toothache?
Either I need a filling, or a root canal, I need to stop this very intense pain now.... I was told the rubbing alcohol would kill the root...

I don't think it is a good idea to put rubbing alcohol in your mouth! Please get to a dentist.

no rubbing alcohol will not kill the root..the nerve needs to be removed called a root canal...try clove oil in pure form to help with the pain and an anti-inflammatory med like ibuprofen. get the tooth pulled or a root canal and crowned only options

hell no

Invader Zim

Try aspirin too. It's a painkiller.

No, it won't work. You need clove oil or Oragel. If the pain is intense, go to the ER for pain meds and get to a dentist.

Ohh, don't do that! Cloves have been used as a natural anesthetic for years. Make a paste of ground cloves and put a little on it. Try not to swallow it, though. A bit is ok, but not great gobs of it. That should help make it feel better.

eeeep!!!! not rubbing alcohol! you might swallow it and it's fatal!

Rubbing alcohol would probably kill the root, but it's also poisonous. Do Not Ingest.

don't do it, it will damage the tissues. get some Orajel or something, and for Heaven's sake go to the dentist!

NO NO NO, rubbing alchohol is toxic if taken internally. Use clove oil for the pain and then maybe take an ibuprofen for the inflamation. Keep us posted on how you are doing.

You don't want to "kill the root," because that will kill your tooth -- a sure way to make sure the pain increases. There's stuff made with clove oil (I can't remember the name, but you can find it in any drug store) that you can put on the aching tooth to numb things until you get to see a dentist. This is just a slightly weaker version of what a dentist will give you to use after a tooth has been removed.

Jackie J
Oil of Cloves followed by a trip to the dentist. If no Oil of Cloves handy then Nurofen. Good luck. I feel for you, toothache is misery :-(

Rich Z
No. Rubbing alcohol is poisonous. Use oil of cloves instead.

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