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Is it possible to get staph inside of your mouth???
my dad has staff right now and i have been tryin to kepp my distance. We cleaned our house really good, too.

One of my wisdom teeth is coming in and its been sore.. but this morning i woke up and there is a huge bubble type thing on the side of my tooth, inside the gum... im takin some of his anti biotics just in case--- but is it possible... and what am i suppose to do???

William H.
Yes anywhere it can get in you. It's bad like that.

Ave L
I would try washing your mouth out with salt water. (add salt to water, obv.) It's possible, but just wash it out so if it's an infection, it's go away maybe. I don't know what else you're supposed to do. Maybe look it up on Google?

More than likely your being frightened because your father has it. But, look at it like this:

Staph lives in your nose, were it causes no harm, it is an opportunistic attacker - when it gets elsewhere in your body it can infect, especially if your immune system is stressed.

so, probably not a staph infection, but make sure.

the antibiotics you are taking may be ineffective toward a staph infection - especially the multi-drug resistant kind (rare)


i misread


that is the worst possible thing you could do, and the reason why there is such a thing as multi-drug resistant staph

-now he doesn't have enough to cure his infection - and you are not taking enough to cure the one you may have - not to mention it is probably the wrong dose

It's probably possible... use mouthwash and gargle just in case!

It is possible for certain. But if you are on antibiotics, that is probably the best thing. Actually, the best thing would be for you to get your own antibiotics, he needs every pill of his. Also rinse with salty hot water twice a day, and listerine 3-4 times a day.

I would recommend seeing your health care physician. Don't take any chances. I have never heard of staph in the mouth, but it probably is possible. I am just getting over staph myself, but mine was on my thigh. The most common places are the thigh, back, butt, and through the nose. It could get into your bloodstream and cause death. I wouldn't recommend taking your dads antibiotics because if it gets worse, you could become immune to antibiotics and this could possibly cause death. But I highly suggest getting checked out by your doctor ASAP!

yes -definitly. go to the er if you cant see your md.

My dad died of a staph last March. It can kill you if not treated.

I doubt it but it can be possible. It's probably a mouth sore or you have an abscessed tooth, especially if it's on your gums only.
I'm not sure why you would be taking antibiotics "just in case", didn't a Doctor diagnose the problem and prescribed it or are you taking someone else's meds.

You can get staph anywhere there is an opening or cut.
You sound like you have an abscess not staph. Go to dentist ASAP. It will only get worse and more painfull. You can also die from an abscess.

How do staph infections spread?
The cleanest person can get a staph infection. Staph can rub off the skin of an infected person and onto the skin of another person when they have prolonged skin-to-skin contact. Staph from an infected person also can get onto a commonly shared item or surface, and then get onto the skin of the person who touches it next. Commonly shared items include towels, benches in saunas or hot tubs, and athletic equipment - in other words, anything that could have touched the skin of a staph infected person can carry the bacteria to the skin of another person.

How can I prevent myself from getting infected?
MRSA is often spread by hands, which have come in contact with an infected person. Clean your hands and skin often. Avoid prolonged skin-to-skin contact with anyone you suspect could have a staph skin infection. Do not share personal items (e.g. razors, towels, etc.) with other persons and keep your towels, clothes, linens and bedclothes clean. Clean gym and athletic equipment before using. Make sure that pedicure and manicure equipment and supplies have been cleaned and disinfected before use.

What should I do if I think I have a staph skin infection?
If you suspect you might have a staph infection, consult your healthcare provider as soon as possible, because early treatment can help prevent the infection from getting worse. Be sure to follow all the directions your physician gives you, even when you start to feel better. If you are prescribed antibiotics, finish all of the doses because incomplete treatment of staph infections can lead to antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

I would by some Lyosol and spray your hands with it often! Here is more information:

Helen DDS
Most often, dental infections are strep in origin. Staph only occurs in the form of osteomyelitis. You are covered head to toe with staph albus. It's staph aureus that's a problem. It's really not so easy to get unless you have an open wound or injury. Unfortunately, there's been a lot of media hype on it right now so we're all freaked out. More people die daily from car accidents, but we don't stop driving. Be clean and don't freak. Rinse with warm salt water to help reduce the swelling. Now that you are taking antibiotics, finish the course. If you stop early, you create bacterial resistance. That's how the whole staph thing started.
Get the wisdom teeth out. This is a very common infection around erupting or prtially impacted wisdom teeth

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