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 Extremely scared of been put to sleep using general anaesthetic for submerged tooth taken out can anyone help?
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 What is the best way to whiten my teeth?

Is it possible to get a cavity on a tooth that already has a filling?
im going to the dentist tommorow and i want to know if like 12 months ago you had a filling put in for a cavity you had. then 6 months ago you were clean just had to get a clean up and some flouride. now can you get a cavity on the tooth that had a cavity 12 months ago.

if there is any actual tooth left after the filling. yes you can still get cavities. this may be a tell tale sign of having a soft enamel on your teeth overall. usually genetic.
mine are bad like that too.

Yes you can. There is still enamel exposed even though you have a filling. There may have been an area that was decalcified before that is now a cavity. You can even get a cavity on a tooth that has a crown on it.

Your Little Helper:)
Yes you can. The decay can get under the filling. The dentist will take out the old filling and put in a new one.

There are lots of surfaces on each tooth. It is entirely possible to get another cavity in the same tooth.

yes of course you can. its called reoccurant caries. you can get one right around the filling if its not taken care of properly.

very much possible

Mr. Peachy®
Yes, just had one repaired recently, as a matter of fact.

Yes, you can get cavities on a tooth with a existing filling. It happens a lot actually.

I don't see why not, if you don't take care of your teeth.

Yes, of course. One tooth has so many surfaces. You cam get a cavity on a surface that was not filled. You can even get a cavity around the filling you have.

yeah, that guy
Yes it's very possible. Especially if you drink aot of Soda or eat a lot of sugars.

Yes. It is even highly likely, unfortunately. The junction of the filling material and the tooth is an area, no matter how well it is polished, is a plaque accumulation area. This is the area that has the highest likelihood of getting recurrent decay. Also, cavities can originate anywhere on a tooth. There are biting surface cavities, root surface cavities, and in-between-the-teeth cavities. You can have one type one day, and a few months later have another type. Adequate fluoride use on top of brushing and flossing will significantly reduce your chances of developing cavities of any kind. I hope this helps.

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