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Is it better to have a Root canal or just remove the tooth?
i have a dentist appointment tomorrow
they asked me which one would i rather have ( dam chocolate!!)
but i cant make up my mind ....
I've heard a lot of really painfull stories about root canals
so i guess thats why i cant make up my mind....

6 years after my root canal the tooth turned black and started chipping away so then i had to have it pulled..would have been cheeper and way less painful to have it pulled in the first place

claire r
you should always try to save the tooth. Your other teeth will shift and the one above a missing tooth will actuall get longer. Not good!

I recently faced the same dilema. I would visit with both specialists (or if your dentist does both at their office just ask his recommendation) and ask their opinions. Due to financial and insurance reasons I just got mine pulled. They said my root canal only had a 50/50 chance of working and if it didn't they'd have to pull it anyway. I wasn't willing to pay all that and then have it not work. Pulling it is cheaper short term, but if you replace the tooth it will cost money to replace at some point. Consider all the options carefully. Best of luck to you!

Scaredy Kat
It all depends on where the tooth is and how much money you have to invest in saving your smile. Most dentists will tell you to save the tooth, if at all possible. By doing a root canal, you are technically saving the tooth. However, you will need a crown on that tooth, and the cost of the root canal and the crown can be very expensive. I'd definitely do the root canal if this is a front tooth, or a tooth that's visible when you smile.

If it's a back tooth, and money is tight, you could just have the tooth removed. Eventually you'll want to 'replace' that tooth with a bridge. This too, can be expensive-- but you can at least buy yourself a little time between the procedures if money's an issue. Just know that teeth can drift around, almost in an effort to replace that missing tooth--maybe that's not even an issue for you, though.

Liz M
It is better to have the tooth restored (i.e. have a root canal) because the space and shifting caused by the missing tooth can misalign your bite and cause damage to your teeth. Plus. the experience of having a root canal is much less horrifying than having a tooth extracted (believe me I've had both done). So, if you can afford it I'd go for the root canal b/c it is more efficient and more aesthetically pleasing! Enjoy!

c murk
If there is a way to save a tooth, DO IT!!! You can never replace your natural teeth. You made need that tooth later for a bridge. Dentures and partials are the most annoying, embarresing thig you will ever have to deal with. Save what you can.

I am glad you asked this question. You have helped me because I share your dilemma.
Best of luck!

It is always better to keep your natural teeth, so a root canal is the way to go. This way the tooth remains intact, even though the 'soft tissue' inside has been removed. This soft tissue in your tooth is infected and that is what is causing your pain. If you do extract the tooth you will also need some sort of restoration to fill the space it left ...this should be an implant or a 3 unit bride and would be much more than the cost to have a root canal done ...and this restoration would never feel or function as well as your natural tooth.

No dental procedure today should be painful. If it is ...find another dentist. With today's technology, pain is a thing of the pass ...other than for some 'old school' dentists.

One other thing you have to consider; to extract a tooth is cheap but to have a root canal done is maybe ten times the cost! But still, go for the root canal and you won't be sorry in the end.

I am a dental technician of many years.

I just wanted to say that a root canal is not painful. I've had one. They numb you up when they work on the tooth. They'll also numb you up when you get a tooth removed. So pain is not an issue.

My opinion? Get the root canal. Not going to bother going into details why because a couple other people already did.

Rhonda W
Everyone has horror stories about root canals. Please ignore them, all root canals are not the same. This is a preventive measure to save your tooth. Extracting a tooth just to keep from having a root canal is not very wise. Later on if you have had the tooth removed you can cause other dental problems, such as shifting or the need for other dental work like a bridge to fill in the space where the tooth has been removed. If you explain to your dentist what you've heard I'm sure he will explain to you all the benefits of a root canal versus the removal of the tooth. Listen to your dr. and then make your own decision about what to do. Don't let someone elses story influence your mind. Good Luck, and I hope your decision is to have the Root Canal, I think you'll be glad you saved your tooth. Just remember, once its gone you can't put it back..

I have had root canal work done, & I wouldn't hesitate to have the same procedure carried out should it be necessary. Your teeth are very important as to your over-all health (& appearance). The modern dentist is trained to carry out their work almost completely pain free. ('till you get the bill !).

Do the root canal because:

If you have the tooth extracted you may develop the followng problems:
1. the teeth beside the space may shift and lean into the void which will impact on their stability and your chewing ability and future options if you choose to replace the tooth with an implant or bridge in the future.
2. the tooth that occludes (bites) with the missing tooth may start to over erupt (grow up into the space) which will impact your bite and your options should you choose to replace the tooth in the future.
3. An implant to replace the missing tooth is probably 4 or 5 times as expensive as the crown
4. A bridge that crowns the teeth on either side of the hole and puts a "falsie" into the space is about 3 times as expensive as the crown
5. A denture is only 25% as effective at chewing as a natural or crowned tooth.

Most dental offices will either offer you payment options or put you in touch with a financing company that can spread the payment pain out over a few months.

Kelli in FL
It is always best to keep your teeth if at all possible. Root canals are not as painful as they use to be. If you have the tooth taken out your other teeth will shift and move into the space over time so your bite will not be the same. This is why it is very important to save your tooth by having the root canal done. You will be fine. If you are having pain now because the nerve is infected then when they do the root canal your tooth is going to feel great because they will remove the infected nerve that is causing the pain.

nela jane and husband
i would get the tooth removed instead...root canal can become a problem down the road and you will be double paying for something that would have cost the same in the first place. i also found myself in that position, deciding whether to get it pulled(doesn't hurt, just the numbing shot hurts(i am a sissy), (or if you choose the sedation this is better) or root canal(yes this is very painful). my dentist told me that after a root canal they have to put a "crown"( that means more money) the decision is yours. good luck

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