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Is it bad to smoke while your wearing tooth whitener strips?

kind of defeats the purpose!

But then it's bad to smoke anytime, isn't it.... duh!

Yes, you are defeating the purpose.

smoking is bad for you ....stop smoking you might get cancer or something

yes its bad to smoke in the first place

HA HA HA HA HAhahahha ha... ahem.

It is bad to smoke full stop!
What's the point in whitening your teeth, if you're gonna stain them again?
If you do smoke, stained teeth is the least of your worries.

Yesssssssssssssss. Cause it does not help them get any whiter while doing that. Smoking is bad anyway.

it's bad to smoke I've been smoking for 40 yrs it will kill you

It's bad to smoke no matter what you are doing.

yes because thats just adding chemicals that shouldnt even mix... although not harmful... you shouldnt smoke for at least a couple of hours after you put whitestrips on...

Yes. To nonsmokers, smoke is stinky and offensive. It smells horrible on clothing and breath and is sickening when "covered up" with colognes. The whitener strips are a waste of time if you are going to smoke because you are just adding more stains to your teeth.

Jordan B.
yes it always bad to smoke!

Do you have someone who helps you get through the day without hurting yourself?

It's not any more toxic than smoking while not wearing tooth whitener strips but it certainly defeats the purpose since smoking discolors your teeth.

"Smoking can cause tooth staining, gum disease, tooth loss and – more seriously – mouth cancer. Smoking is also one of the main causes of bad breath."

fixer of all aka mom
It is bad to smoke. Period.

Yes.. don't try that too often.. it will leave yellowish-grey marks on your teeth will looks ugly!

yes. Wait until after you are finished using them.
Then smoke.

kind of defeats the purpose doesn't it

No, but definitely don't wear tooth whitener strips while you are smoking....

It's just bad to smoke all together.

Well, it does sort of defeat the purpose, since smoking stains your teeth.

Not a good Idea most Directions will tell you not to smoke. Good Luck,


ya they wont work as good as what they would be without you smoking don't smoke with them on your teeth so i answered your question and i bet alot of people did you should stop smoking ok.

Joe Dentist
NO. I can see NO reason to NOT to smoke while using the strips. You might make the strips yellow but you remove those; right?

As for smoking in general; you should be sure to put the cigarette beyond your teeth. Bite it. So the smoke is only on the inside or your teeth. You won't stain this way.

Enjoy. You will probably die of something other than lung cancer.

i wouldnt know but do u smoke cause its afully stupid

Johnny Blaze
it's kinda like eating a chocolate cake while walking on the treadmill ,babe.

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