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Is beer bad for your teeth?


Nebula D
I'm a dentist.

Fermentable carbohydrates are pentiful in beer. So yes, in that respect, it is "bad" for your teeth. Of course, virtually everything we eat has fermentable carbs.

The problem with beer, however, is that it contains alcohol which dehydrates you. When you are dehydrated, you produce less saliva. Saliva, as you may know, helps protect your teeth from decay (the key word here being "helps").

Also, most people after getting drunk don't bother to brush their teeth in the evening, and alcoholics in general are uninterested in maintaining their oral health.

But to answer your question, beer specifically isn't any worse for your teeth than juice or soda.

Dunno bout da teeeth, but I'll tell U that it contains vitamin Peeee...

amit g
brush your teeth with beer instead they'll shine infact

not coming back
yea , but with a large amount you won't give a sshit about your teeth.

Not so bad...we drank beer through college and our teeth look great!

Johnny Rebel
sniff beer you'll stay drunk for hours

well the guy that i work with that drinks quite a bit says that he dont think so.it is aslo good for your liver the liver is evil you MUST punish it!!!!!!

Not that I know of. It's bad for your health if you get addicted to it though.

stargazer 100
I dont know but i have a great recipe 4 beer batter onion rings and beer batter fish. yummy.

Boo Boo
never blame the beer

it gives overtime to your liver. so you can use sparingly.

About the same as regular colas. Alcohol is SUGAR. If you brush and floss regularly, it's no big deal at all.

yeah. brush teeth often.

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