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The Buck
Is a dentist supposed to give an antibiotic after surgically removing a wisdom tooth?

yes they are so it prevents u from gettin an infection

i think so you should get antibiotics before and after to prevent infection! if he doesn't ask for it

YES . you have to take antibiotics to anticipate infection control.Analgesic is given too


I think dentists generally do prescribe an antibiotic after the procedure; they always have in my case.

If you have just gone through the procedure yourself, call your doctor and ask, as it could have been an oversight. The dentist also may think it is not necessary in your case, but I believe most dentists prescribe them as a precautionary medication.

Not necessarily, only if there was some infection problem to start with.

Antibiotics have been way over used and as a result there are more bacteria out there resistant to them.

He should instruct on signs and symptoms of infection to watch for to report to him, however. Those would be fever over 100 ° F, increased pain, and increased bleeding.

"Supposed" and should are very powerful words. It's not written in stone that he's "suppose' to give you anything.

Actually, you should have been given antibiotics BEFORE you have your wisdom tooth removed.

not always. pain pills yeap...antibiotics probably only if there is an infection...??

I think the dentist gave me a seven day antibiotic just to prevent infection..

No. I had my teeth pulled due to teeth correction for braces and my wisdom teeth. They will give you pain pills. The only time they give you antibiotics is if you catch an infection. I've been there before. And that is a feeling you do not want. Trust me

Generally not. And if you had an infection at the time of surgery that was great enough to consider using an antibiotic, you would have probably been on one for a week or so prior to your surgery.

It is NOT good practice to just prescribe antibiotics every time you do a surgery.

(This assumes that you do not require a preoperative antibiotic due to other medical considerations.)

some do some dont, its their choice. a lot don't give you any before a procedure if youre young and healthy unless you have certain heart conditions (mainly rheumatism) because the risk of complications from an infection is pretty low if you have a strong immune system.

Sure they can if he/she thinks you need it. For some simple extractions, no antibiotic is needed. Depends on your dental case.

There already are enough overly prescribed antibiotics. If you did not have any infection or you are basically healthy there is no reason to prescribe antibiotics. Your Dentist is hopefully part of the trend to stop prescribing antibiotics for no valid reason.

Most dentist will not give you an antibiotic for just the removal of a wisdom teeth. If you had a serious infection with it they would give you amoxicllian or penicillin - generally.

Whether an antibiotic is needed or advisable is at the dentist's choice. With all drugs there may be side effects so he must consider the risk against the possible gain. While you didn't state whether it was a simple extraction or surgical removal, we seldom prescribe antibiotics for an uncomplicated extraction, and even with surgical extraction, if the wound looked clean enough and he felt confident about the gum tissue granulating in without mishap, he would probably choose not to give an antibiotic. Antibiotics can cause stomach discomfort, cramps, diarrhea, etc depending the type. He probably chose the best method of treatment for you.

jessey freemen
yes penicillin for 1 week

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