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Ryan A
Is Comet Cleaner Ok on Teeth?
Lol the bottle says removes tough stains, it has bleach in it, and the warning label says if SWALLOWED then just drink water so... how bad can it be?

verm money
Very. That's how bad it can be. But I'm not an expert.......

Use the strawberry flavored Comet Cleanser, it works the best

are you kidding me? you will damage your enamel which is the part of the tooth that is white--the next layer is dentin which is yellow. crest white strips??????

comet it makes you,re teeth turn green.
comet it taste like listerine.
comet it makes you vomit .
so get some comet and vomet today! .

Somes J
It's poison if you swallow it. And it's probably not good for your gums either.

If you want to whiten your teeth I suggest brushing with baking soda. I've tried it and it's vastly superior to commercial toothpaste, and much safer than brushing with detergent.

Maybe you should give it a shot, but id call off work for tomorrow now.

Erin L
No. No No Try baking soda if you want too. But I suggest Colgate MaxFresh.

No Ryan it is not okay.


...bad enough to cause you the need to have your stomach pumped. Bad idea.

I'd use Crest Whitening Strips! Leave the comet for the bathroom, you could give yourself a serious chemical burn or poison yourself - no joke!



I'm really, really glad you asked this question. There is a lot that will go into answering this question, so I will just list them in no particular order.

1. bleach is not safe for human tissue. One reason they say to drink water for accidental ingestion is because it may not be safe to have that person vomit the chemical back up and cause further damage.

2. Let's just say that comet weren't unsafe for your tissue, which it is, it is too abrasive for your teeth and soft tissue. It would cause damage to the gums and the surface of your teeth.

3. The idea of bleaching your teeth (to change the actual shade of your teeth) is appealing to you? Usually teeth are bleached with a carbamide peroxide solution. Never bleach.
Try Crest White Strips, Tres White by Opalesence or have trays made at your dental office.

4. For surface stain (which is different than what carbamide peroxide targets), use a good whitening toothpaste and consider a good electric toothbrush like the Sonicare Elite.

5. If you have been using comet, please call them or poison control for ideas to care for your mouth now. They may know what you can rinse with or what to watch out for with regard to tissue changes such as ulcerations, chemical burns, etc and how to treat those and/or whether or not that is an emergency situation regardless of how good you feel.

Good Luck to you and your mouth....

David C
sure if you want to clean your old tooth collection...i hear its what the tooth fairy uses..but not teeth in your mouth

Funny....but I'd stick with cleaning the sink.

no.....if comet were a safe teeth whitener it would be marketed as such. the directions also probably say NOT to ingest, and to contact poison control along with flushing yourself with water.

Mick P

the crusader
Not a good idea. Comet cleanser contains chlorine. That's something that you really don't want in your mouth.

Are you for real? LOL.....go ahead and try it but if I were you I would call poison control first. :)

Brian C

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