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Is Clorox (Bleach) for mouth wash safe?
My dentist recently said to mix 1 teaspoon reg. Clorox with 1 1/4 cups water and rinse with this daily to help stop Gingivitis. Anyone ever heard of this? And is it safe?
Additional Details
Thanks all! I honestly didn't think it sounded like a good thing to do, but I for sure won't try it now...in fact I am going to call him tomorrow and ask him more about why he thinks it's okay to do?

i wouldn't think so..

I have never heard of that! Who is your dentist? Sadaam Hussein?

Maybe someone else will be better help than I am. But I wouldn't advise you trying that method!

Kelli in FL
NO DO NOT DO THIS!!!! You should never put bleach in your mouth. This will cause serious problems and you could even die. I don't know what in the world that dentist was thinking telling you this. He should not have his license to practice dentistry.


Are you sure he didn't suggest a solution of peroxide and water? That's pretty standard stuff.

Clorox or something pretty similar is used in the whitening products used today but i don't think it would be a good idea to do it religiously. As a matter of fact it may even cause erosion of your enamel which would make you teeth more prone to decay and sensitivity.

Adventure Man
Absolutely not! You'll burn the living daylights out of the tissues lining your mouth if you do that. Are you sure your dentist wasn't referring to hydrogen peroxide instead? That, I've heard of.

Laura Z
Absolutely Not!!!!!!!

umm..no, no, and no..i have never heard of this! there are other OTC rinses for gingivitis that you don't have to concoct yourself! i am surprised a dentist would recommend this, with the risk of getting the dosage wrong and having harmful effects..plus, if you're like me, I get bleach on my pants just trying to make mop water!

how about report your dentist and dont even think about putting bleach in your mouth!!!!unless that is u want to die

Dr. Nick
NEVER EVER put bleach in your mouth!!!!

I would not recommend it, but it is not completely unsafe.

Definitely a wrong method to clean your mouth. I'm sure on the bottle description itself did indicated harmful if swallow.

You dentist is an idiot and it trying to kill you.

Looking for America
I've been doing this for years (per my dentist's instructions), but I put it in the reservoir of my water-pick...

This, with thorough cleaning, cured my gingivitis.

The people answering are ignoring how diluted the bleach is. It's comparable to pool water.

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