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Im getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow but i have a bad cough.?
Should i go through with it or wait? Ive already rearranged my life around it!
Additional Details

I would but check with your dentist

Better not to go to the dentist with cough. Can you imagine what may happen when he'll start to drill...??

my space
Well not to worry your dentist probably will send you home once he or she learns this,a lot of times doctors and dentist will not treat you if there is something else going on say like a cold,so keep your app.or better yet call your dentist and let him know whats going on,hell advise you as to whether or not hed like you to come in or wait.PS.a friend


As long as you don't have bad breath you should go ahead with it!

Well Sweetie. The sore throat part won't affect getting them out. If the cough is really bad, the dentist may not want to go through with it. If it helps any, when you get the novacaine? It will numb your throat, probably just enough to keep you from coughing through the whole thing. Your dentist probably wouldn't appreciate your coughing in his face though. I would reschedule. You are already in enough discomfort as it is. You can re-rearrange your schedule, know what I mean? When that novacaine wears off, you are going to experience some pain, so if you want to have a nagging sore throat and cough and painful mouth, you are going to be one miserable lil person. Good luck.

You should postpone your appointment till you are well. You can't expect to cough when you are opening your mouth. Rub some salt on the wisdom teeth if it hurts.

ana g
i wouldn't do it... call the dentist and ask them but you can't get it done if you're coughing in the poor dentist's face.

If you're sick, call your dentist and reschedule. He should not do the procedure while you are sick.

Voodoo Doll
I'd keep the appointment. Don't take any cough suppressants, as coughing is your body's way of trying to eliminate the germs that make us sick, and the mucous that builds up as a result of colds. Hopefully by the time your appointment rolls around, your coughing will have subsided. If you're still coughing hard the day of your appointment, you should call the dentist's office and ask them if they think you should reschedule.

Call your dentist and ask. If he gives the greenlight, then it should be ok. Non of us here can help i dont think, unless there are any dentists on board. Its not that hard to reschedule your life around another dental appointment. I am sure the dentist would jsut push someones timeslot forward and you can use their timeslot which wouldnt be too far away. Otherwise find a new dentist.

You shouldnt have surgery with a cold. It could hurt you when put under. Your heart and lungs need to be in great shape before a surgery. Theyve never done a surgery on me, while sick. Your blood pressure and all have to be correct, neither high or low, they shouldnt do the surgery.

I think you'd better call the Dentist immediately and tell them about the cough. He will postpone your appointment because it could cause both of you problems. We all rearrange our lives around a Dentist, but things happen occassionally to prevent our doing what we need to do right now.

Well, I'd go ahead and go to the appointment, but let the dentist know that you've got a bad cough. Or you could call before hand and see what they think.

Don't do it or you're in for months of pain

Dumpy Poofus
I would do it.

I think having your wisdom teefusses pulled is a different experience for each person.

It took the dentist only 15 minutes to remove all four of my wisdom teefusses. I was kind of groggy, and only ate Mac 'N Cheese for one day after I had mine pulled, but then I was alright.

One of my friends from high school was able to play football the same day that he had his taken out.

One of my other friends was in pain and unhappy for about a week after getting his removed.

Think it depends on the person, but shouldnt be too bad.

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