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 Just got braces today and im in hell....i need HELP!!!!!!!?
ok so today morning i got my braces and now they hurt like hell specially my lower front teeth what can i do to reduce the pain since i have an exam tmorrow??? and how long will it last??
OH and ...

 Do I need braces? *Pic*?
I hate my 2 front teeth. One is in front and one is in back. They're not over lapping, but it annoys me. That's the only thing, other than my, I guess, bite it a little off. Like, it is a ...

 Does anyone have any tips to whitening my teeth and keeping them white?
any ideas other than these: strips, peroxide, and baking soda, because All of those destroy the enamel of your teeth, Thanks for all the help!...

 Do you use mouthwash before or after brushing your teeth?
Like Scope and stuff, but if I brush my teeth after using mouthwash, wouldn't I wash away the mouthwash, plus do I rinse my mouth with water after brushing my teeth or just spit out the residue??...

 I ned a quick way to cure a toothache without alchohol?

 What's something that I can eat with my teeth like this?
I just got braces yesterday and fell asleep fine but in the middle of the night I woke up and had a really bad toothache, I took pain relever but it took an hour for the pain to go away. My teeth ...

 I keep getting food stuck in between my teeth with braces and its hard to get out...?
I have braces(i got them exactly a month ago)and the gap between my two front teeth is closing, but something I'm not satisifed with, is whenever I eat something at school or anywhere, food is ...

 Grinding Teeth?
Ive been grinding my teeth of a day time and night time. Ive read alot about mouth guards at night but is there anything that can be done for day time.
Additional Details

 I'm thinking about becoming a Dental Hygientist. Is this career anything like sitting at a desk all day long??

 Burnt teeth?
Can you burn your teeth? Cause I ate some really hot (like heat hot) french fries today and that was like hours ago and my teeth still hurt. How do I fix it?...

 Nowadays teeth should last you your lifetime: Would you agree?

 Im getting braces top and bottom does it hurt?

 Before I go to bed, I brush my teeth and all. After I wake up, I have "morning breath." Why is this?
Why and how does my breath change when I wake up? I don't eat anything while I'm asleep; at least I think I don't....

 Does getting braces hurt?
Getting braces tomorrow (argh?) and I need to know if it hurts getting them on. I'm worried that i'll be gagging and stuff, and the metal will slip off and choke me, and when i get them I�...

 I just hade 4 teeth pulled....could i drink the same day?

 How long will my mouth be numb?
i Just had 5 teeth taken out an hour ago
and my mouth is so numb!!!
how long will it be like this?...

 I wanna a really good sugar free gum?

 Is mouthwash suppose to burn?
i've never used it, and not a great fan of mint so i'm not that use to mint either. but it burns my tongue, is that normal?
i also swallowed a tiny amount and woke up with a sore ...

 Ouhhh ! I have a really bad toothache and can't get into see the dentist until next week. What can I do?

 What to do about pain from wisdom teeth?
My top left wisdom tooth needs to be removed, and is causing extreme pain throughout my top left jaw, and a little above, towards just under my eye.

I cannot have it removed for another ...

If you ignore toothache, does the pain eventually just go away?
Having a friendly argument with someone at work...we are both phobic about dental treatment. The difference is, I go regularly for check ups to avoid having decay, and if I am in pain I go immediately to get it fixed (I have to get IV sedation, but I do go.)

My friend knows she has an abcess - she has had one before - and she says she will just keep taking strong painkillers and work through it until the pain goes - usually three days she says! She cannot bear the thought of a root canal, (although personally, I would have thought the pain of an abcess would be a lot worse.)

Is this true? Does the nerve eventually die off and the pain go without treatment?

It might go away temporarily, only to return with avengance later (and probably worse).
Best to nip it in the bud ASAP and get to the dentist. They may just remove the tooth rather than do Root canal treatment- sometimes it is easier and less painful in the long run.
I don't know 1 person who actually enjoys a visit to the dentist- I think its just an unnecessary evil!!

i tried to leave my tooth ache but it got worse and as it had broken, after a while the nerve became exposed and if i ate on it it was agony. i couldn't afford root canal treatment so i had the tooth pulled out as it was at the back. I hadn't been to the dentist for years, but once they inject your gum, you can't feel a thing

depends whats causing the pain

no you must get this seen to as the rest of your teeth will rot also problems with your stomach and end up having the lot of teeth to be extracted

no it'll just get worse and cause more problems.

ice road trucker

im my experience no it does not go away forever, it might go away for a while but then it will come back with evengence.
Go to the dentist and have it seen too, leaving it too long can cause the infection to spread to other teeth and the gums

No, its probably a cavity getting worse everyday. It'll just cost more if its not taken care of soon.

Lord Facile Princeps
Abscesses and toothache can lead to blood poisoning if not treated and blood poisoning can be fatal

No. The dental infection she has can cause heart disease, osteomylitis and septacaemia.
Her breath must stink.

Painkillers won't kill the infection. If she has an abscess it can be very dangerous. I know a marine who had a tooth infection that went to his brain, and he ended like someone who had had a stroke. She should get antibiotics.

it can get into her blood where she can get it all over her body as a septic infection,she's dumb

She is risking her general health if she doesn't have it treated. It will eventually lead to gum disease,which in turn is related to heart problems.

When the nerve dies off the infection drains through a small opening at the end of the tooth called the apex. An abscess develops as a result of the fluid being trapped. The abscess may find a means of drainage a small opening in the gum called a sinus this can resolve pain temporarily. Sometimes an abscess may not find a way of draining and the infection can spread causing a cellulitis.
Living with a constant infection is not good, your body is constantly fighting it and also the bone around the tooth may be being destroyed so should your friend ever have to have the tooth out and maybe want a dental implant then there may not be enough healthy bone to support and implant or even the original tooth and it may become loose itself. You are quite right to go to the dentist regularly and your friend is not.

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