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If i had a tooth problem, and apply bleach to it what would happen?

u will die!!!! bleach should be nowhere near your mouth Einstein. use this guide for future reference.............

Bleach - for use in laundry
Toothpaste - for use in mouth
Food - also safe in mouth
Tooth problems - see a Dentist

it would not help. Try biting on a onion for about 3 mins and see if it help. If it doesnt then it warrants u to go to a dentist before it hurts u further

you would have a tooth problem and need posion control

If you are stupid enough to ask a question like this then you should drink the whole bottle of bleach.

Laundry bleach is a very dilute (5% ) solution of chlorine dissolved in water . Chlorine is a very powerful oxidizer and was used as a poison gas in WW1 ,and even in the dilute form will burn tissue . You should certainy not use it intraorally .

You may kill some bacteria but it will not heal the problem and do not swallow it. If you feel you must use something use Hydrogen Peroxide or warm salt water. You also should call a Dentist, if you don't have insurance or money is tight try a dentsl college if any in your area. Good luck.

Jack Kerouac
to your tooth or to the bleach?

make you sick

I would advise against it...bleach will burn your mouth... if you have a tooth problem go to a dentist.. if you cant afford a dentist call one anyway as most dentist will work with you on a payment plan...

Bleach is not something you should put in your mouth. You will poison yourself.

Hey are you sucidal or something? Dont put bleach in your mouth!

i (and every dentist in america) use bleach in root canals everyday except in the dental office it's called sodium hypochlorite. it's used to sterilize the interior of the tooth.

Peppermint Extract works great for pain, see doctor at earliest convenience tho

You're in for one hell of a jolt of pain. A cavity or loose filling will not react kindly to the bleach.

If you write the problem down in ink on a piece of paper and apply bleach to the paper, the problem will disappear.

Do not try this in your mouth, though.

it would hurt ..... a lot.

Sarah K
no more tooth.
go see a dentist

you definately shouldnt put bleach in ur mouth. if u swallow that its not good for you. go to the dentist

you can't swallow bleach. not a good idea to put it in your mouth. For tooth problems, your best bet is to see a DENTIST.

hurt like hell! depending on your problem...bleach will kill germs but will not stop cavities or rot. if you have an ache due to an impacted tooth it will not help....you really need to see a dentist. bleach diluted or undiluted can cause serious damage to your gums and inner mouth, if you swallow it it can cause terrible burns to your throat, esophagus and stomach...you will end up in the hospital...save yourself time, money and pain and go to an accredited dentist.

The bleach would certainly degenerate the surrounding gum tissue. It's hard to say what effect it would have on the enamel, but strong forms of chlorination such as bleach are very corrosive.

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