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If I gargle bleach before I take saliva test will I pass?
I hit a blunt twice on tuesday. I have to take a saliva drug test on monday! If I drink alot of water and go to the gym to sweast, and gargle bleach right before I go will I pass? I hardly ever smoke. I am 5'4 and 167 lbs. Does it matter?
Additional Details
not with pure bleach!!!!!! also mix it with water!!!!! other people told me that is what they did

Jeff B
go buy a cleaning kit. bleach could damage ur tongue and ur body and make ur mouth look like michael jackson. drugs are bad ummkay.

you will poison yuorself if you gargle with bleach! You are going to fail see if you can hold it off for a while.

bleach?! are u stupid
u will die if u do that

maybe gargle mouthwash but i don't know.. for sure

No...it's not about what's in your mouth. It's about what's being produced by your system.

Honestly, I don't know how long it takes for pot to get out of your system, so I can't say whether or not you'll pass. If you're going to work for someone who's doing drug tests, though, you'll want to stop smoking, if you want to keep your job.

Baby boy on his way!
Gargling bleach will kill you. You cannot put that stuff in your mouth. There is no way to pass a saliva drug test, sorry. You can try drinking lots of water and exercising, but I don't think that will clean the drug out of your system, sorry. good luck.

If you gargle bleach, you will die. So... go ahead! You have my blessing, pothead.

you're ******, and would be even more ****** if you drank bleach.

I dont think bleach will help...

No, you have to swallow the bleach for it to work.

Lucy B Jeebers
Well, you'll be dead as a doornail, but you won't give a rip whether or not you passed or failed the screen. Also, just so you know, a 'clean out kit' won't help you if they give you a follow-up test, which we do sometimes--weed stays in your system the longest of any substance. And if they test your hair, your sunk. However, there is a ray of hope--most saliva tests are only valid for substances used within the past 24-48 hours. I'd take my chances and be up front. If you fail, you fail. Don't smoke.

HAHAHAHHAHA omg this made me laugh soo frieken hard. thanks, you just made my day. lololololololololololololololol

Deanna D
You can rip your tongue out and your still going to FAIL.

Do bleach and you might pass INTO THE NEXT LIFE.

I read something that says "urine tests have a longer detection period than that of saliva tests".

You are COMPLETELY SAFE. First of all, you're not a pot head. You took 2 puffs of a blunt on Tuesday, that stuff will be out of your system within 3-4 days. You could pass a urine test in that amount of time. And since saliva tests have a smaller detection period, that means you will pass your test by the time Monday comes around.

PS, who told you to gargle bleach???

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