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I will be getting 4 wisdom teeth removed at the same time how long does it take to heal?
does it hurt a lot after words? will my cheeks be swollen? can i get braces after getting them removed?

Gandolf Gnu
4 to 6 weeks to heal, some pain depends on medications, cheeks might swell a little, and braces in time...

~Raspberry Tea~
I can only answer your question from my experience.
I had two wisdom teeth removed on one side then a week later the dentist removed two wisdom teeth from the other side.
The first visit one of the wisdom tooth shattered as he was taking it out.

I did not have any problems at all from any of it. I bled some and kept gause on it.

It was a couple of weeks and all soreness was gone and by six weeks everything was fine.

mel s
My husbands were removed 1 month ago. Swelling lasted 2 days, but he got a dry socket and didn't heal for weeks. I wouldn't schedule an orth. appointment until after you heal from this appt.

OH MY GOD!!! I feel so sorry for you. I had my bottom 2 taken out and it was the worst pain that ive ever had. I have had 2
c-sections before and nothing compares to what you are going to go through. Just the best advice is dont rinse your mouth out with water when you are about to eat, like i did. It made my mouth sting like mad. I was crying with ice packs on both cheeks and even when i was druged up, the pain was to much for me. My face was like a balloon. I looked like a different person. It was take about a week to come down and you will be able to have braces after they are out.

Ah removal of the wise toothies eh? LOL. Been there had it done several years ago( ie about 28 years ago) and while it was no picnic, I survived it. Naturally you are under local anesthetic so feeling no pain while wisdoms are being pulled but when it wears off you will want pain killers for at least a week. Depends I guess on your personal level of pain tolerance. The annoying thing I found with this procedure was the bone chips I would find months later embedded in my gums. All my wisdoms were impacted so they broke them all in my mouth instead of removing one at a time.WHY I will never know but hence the bone chips surfacing thru the gums months later. When you come out of recovery you will feel like you are a chipmunk storing nuts for the winter in your cheeks but about 2 weeks later you should feel a whole lot better. Braces, yes you can still get them but make sure you do not do this immediately.Give it some healing time as your gums are going to be tender for awhile and you dont need further aggrevation from the braces being installed and tightened!! Good Luck

You'll need to use ice to stop swelling....really do use it don't be atough guy and then have to suffer later. Also it will hurt and linger for at least a week more than that if they are impacted, which will also make the whole thing worse that usual. You can get braces when the orthodontist says you can.

I just had my top left wisdom tooth removed yesterday and I was sooooo scared, like relly terrified! But to be honest, I don't know why on earth I panicked. I went to an oral surgeon, and he was so calming. I had Iv sedation in my arm, and before I realised everything was done and I was at home! I have no recollection of the event. The swelling went totally after about 8 hours, and just remember not to spit any blood out in the first 24 hours of getting the teeth removed, because that cuses a dry socket, just swallow your spit. Don't eat on that side, and eat soft food. After 24 hours, remember to wash your mouth with salt water. You will be fine. I haven't experienced any pain yet, so I guess i'm okay. You'll be fine! Honest!

It will hurt afterwards, but you will get medication for the pain. It takes about 7-10 days to heal... and YES- most likely, your cheeks will be swollen! It's peak is on day 3. Afterwards, it'll gradually go down. Please follow your doctors orders. I know that the rinse with warm salt water helps a lot! make sure you prep yourself- by and make jello, pudding, soft foods- dont' use a straw-- just be sure to listen to your doc. and Yes you cna get braces after getting them removed. but make sure you wait until you are fully healed?

My nephew just had four removed at the same time. And yes, it does hurt, mostly afterward, but they will give you something for pain. I think it took him about 4-5 days to start feeling normal again. Just make sure to follow the after care instructions. TC

mine took like 5 days to heal, it does not hurt as long as you take the pain meds. and my cheeks were swollen, but they went away after about 5 days and I am pretty sure u can get braces but not 100% sure

Christina H
It takes about 3 weeks to heal after having your wisdom teeth removed. The rest of your questions can be answered with a resounding YES! Any time you cut something out of your body it will hurt afterwards and there will be swelling because of the cutting, pulling and sometimes drilling needed to get the teeth out. You are best to wait until after your wisdom teeth are out before getting braces, once they're gone you won't have to worry about them shifting your perfectly placed teeth.

My daughter (17) just had all four of her wisdom teeth removed in January because they were impacted and were damaging the orthodontic work she had done when she had braces. We now get to have some of her work done again, to straighten teeth moved by her wisdom teeth.

It depends on what you do. It only took me a day to be able to eat normal-ish food. I didn't get an iv, I just got shots. Not much more pain than a headache. And yea, your cheeks are gonna be a little puffy.

I was fine in a few days, just don't look at them! They look awful and cavernous. You can get braces after for sure!

Good Luck

You will have slight discomfort for a few days, and may not be able to open your mouth fully. You will be able to get braces when everything is healed.

I got mine taken out when I was in 6th grade, that was 16 years ago so I don't know if things have changed. I will be honest, it hurt. I had all 4 taken out and I spent the weekend in bed. It hurt for about 3 days (they do give you painkillers and that helps) and yes your cheeks will be swollen, I looked like a chipmunk for about a week. ANd yes you can get braces after having them removed. I did!

I got mine out about a year and a half ago, and it took about a week for me to be able to eat normally (I could eat solid food after about 4 or 5 days but I had to chew slowly). I didn't have any swelling because I kept ice on my cheeks ALL DAY (no breaks!) the first day. But it did take about 4 or 5 days for me to be able to open my mouth all the way. It hurts but the really bad pain only lasts a day or two. If you've ever had your tonsils out, that hurts waaaaaaaaay worse. My mom didn't want to fill the prescription for the painkillers the doctor gave me, so I just took ibuprofen and I survived. (Although if you get prescription painkillers I would recommend taking them!)
Yes, you can get braces afterwards, but obviously not until you're better.

'lil peanut
I got 4 wisdom and 4 molars pulled all at the same time and it took me about 1/2 week for the swelling to go down and that is when I saw all the bruising on my neck and face. I think I got my braces on about one month after all that work.

Within 2 days youll be fine. Just get your prescription for your pain killers and take them asap before the Novocaine wears off. Almost everyone needs their wisdom teeth pulled and its really best to do all four at once. Our mouths typically dont have the room for the added rear teeth. Good luck it's not that bad.

Chicken Little
I had mine taken out a couple years ago. At first, I was on alot of medication, but it was still pretty painful for a few hours. Not searing pain, but definitely sore. They put me on some pretty strong stuff (which was fun, trust me lol) so that's a plus. The next couple days I just stayed home beacuse i had chipmunk cheeks lol but I also have a thin face, so it was especially noticeable. Just have a good sense of humor about it and you'll do fine.

And I would assume that you can have braces afterward, it might even be best after they are removed (not right after, obviously) because I know my teeth shifted a bit BECAUSE I still had wisdom teeth.
Good luck!

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