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I will be awake during the tooth extraction...Help...?
I am getting my top left...second to last one... pulled next Wednesday. How long will it take? I will be awake but numb. Will it hurt? and, for how long? Will Advil do the trick?

I am not looking forward to it, but i can't live with this pain!

if i were you i would not read any replies to your question or you will blow it out of proportion when it happens ... are you going to believe any answers that say it don't hurt that much?

It shouldnt hurt if you are numb. I had all four wisdom teeth pulled (they didnt need to be surgically extracted) You will be fine. The dentist can tell you what will be good for pain-it'll just be a little sore. He may even prescribe something for you.

I'm in the same situation. I'm getting a molar tooth removed...it had 3 fillings, all fell out, and it became abcessed a year ago. I'm so scared!!!!!!!!!!!

of course the dentist will make it numb, dont worry, it won't hurt a bit.

how long? depend on how many roots you have in the tooth, but for sure it wont take more than 30 minutes ^_*

gud luck!

they will numb you mouth really good. they will give you something for pain. it won't hurt when he pulls out your tooth. you may have some pain for a day or two but the pain med. that they give you will help.

30 Licks
Allison, ask your dentist beforehand if you could also have some "gas"....also known as "happy gas"....if you could have this even before the local injection to make you mouth numb you will be much more relaxed and even more pain free!

I HATE going to the dentist and even if they charge a little more for the gas - let me say its WELL WORTH THE COST!

Best of Luck!

yip yip
You will not believe how quick it is.

Don't worry.

I was freaked out about having a wisdom tooth out, but once I was numb, it took the dentist LITERALLY less than a minute to remove it.

You'll be fine!

It really will be quick and the medication they give you afterwards is more than sufficient to make you feel comfortable so I don't think you should worry. I would focus on following the rules for after the extraction to avoid dry socket.

You may or may not be awake depending upon the dentist. He will probably give you a prescription for tylenol with codeine. And it won't hurt much during the extraction, because he will numb it...but you may not like the noise that you will here if you are awake. The pain will only be a few days, and it's minute, compared to a lot of other things! WHY are you having it removed? Have a root canal instead!!!!

Misty M
Yes you will be awake, and it is not as bad as it seems, the worst part in the noise....most of the time the dentist will give you a pain killer to help the next few days, but after a couple days youwill not need it anymore. Make sure you rinse your mouth with salt water after you eat, this will get all of the food particles out without having to pick at it. Good luck!

when they pull it they put stuff on your gums to numb it and they give you a novicane shot to numb it up more and then they take a little tool and they just pull it out and it doesn't hurt but the novicane shot hurts a teenie bit when it goes in but otherwise it doesn't hurt

I had mine pulled in January and let me tell you it hurt like hell and I wasn't expecting it! First they need to shoot you in a bunch of different places all around the tooth, over and over again, not pleasant. Then the oral surgeon basically yanks and wiggles as hard as he can to rip it out. Mine had his leg up on the chair and it took awhile. When it was done I was in tears and the assistant told me to sit there for at least 10 minutes to recoop. I then left and freaked everyone in the waiting room because I had dried blood on my face. FUN. The dr. gave me a month supply of Vicodon and believe me I needed them. I seriously don't mean to scare you but I feel like if I had at least known what was going to happen I could have prepared myself! Good luck!

It will be OK. The Oral Surgeon is well trained and licensed. However, you may be able to request to be "knocked out: during the procedure. I had 4 wisdom teeth removed. It cost an extra $400 to go under, but it was worth it for me. It was over before I realized it.

well, im 15, and have had 12 teeth pulled. And it doesnt hurt, it is just weird when you can hear them pulling it out, because it makes noise...but dont worry, you wont feel a thing. I would know

the only thing you will feel is when they give you the shot to numb your mouth, it feels like a little pinch (sometimes this hurts, but really, only when you think about it alot)

And i would tell you if it hurts, because im terrified of the dentist, so i promise...wont feel a thing, might hear it, but not feel it

advil helps some people, not all, so hopefully it will help you, it usually takes about an hour (not to pull the tooth, that takes just seconds, but the numbing stuff doesnt start working til about 30 minutes, and then, of course they will make you wait, because thats what they are good at)

and you will be awake~well, at my dentist im awake, but i know of at some, the people are asleep

OH, and ask for laughing gas, it makes you real relaxed

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