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 Gum disease?
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I need to get dentures. My question is will the dentist pull my teeth?
and put in the new new dentures all on the same day? I just can't stand the idea of walking around without teeth,especially at work.

Some places can, just call around or put it in your search engine... I've known a couple people who have... Good luck!!!

Yuk. Can't you just not eat for a while? drink soup or something.

I thought dental assistant don't go to college at all... how do they know so much about dentistry.

i still don't trust dental assistant.... i think they are not nice and arrogant. they yelled at me the last time i went to the dentist.

If your question is "will the dentist pull my teeth and put in the new new dentures all on the same day", then the answer is YES.

If you have to have teeth in your mouth, you will be getting "immediate dentures" or "temporary dentures". They are actually made BEFORE the natural teeth are extracted. The teeth are extracted, and a prefabricated denture is inserted directly over the bleeding sockets. But there are a number of problems associated with immediate dentures:

1. The immediate denture is temporary. It's good for 4-6 mouth. It is ill-fitting because after a while enough bone has been lost that there is a LOT of space between parts of the denture and the healing gums.
2. immediate denture need to be relined very often

So a standard denture must be made after the bone is healed.

No you can get immediate dentures, the teeth are pulled and the denture inserted the same day! But you do have to go thru a number of appointments before that, to get the denture made. There are impression the dentist need to take and try in appointments, it takes about 4 to 5 appointment before , the teeth will be extracted and the denture inserted! After about 6 mo you will need to have the denture relined b/c of the shrinkage from the bone and gums after the teeth are removed.
you don't have to reline the denture every month, I have seen more patient than not that are fine with the immediate denture and a reline after 6 to 9 mos and have their denture for years!

daljack -a girl
Usually no.....they have to wait until the swelling goes down so they will fit properly.

i think you might have to wait for the swelling to go down before you get the dentures otherwise they wont fit ......

Sometimes the dentist can pull your teeth and then put in a temporary denture until the swelling goes down then fit you for a more permanent denture

no the doctor (dentist) will not pull the teeth and then put dentures in..Due to the fact that your gums need to heal first..It will take about 3 weeks to put in temporary ones and then permanents will be ready in about another 3 weeks..

You can have it done that way, pull and place?I've heard that they fit better when you have them put in quickly.your gums mold to the plate?check around or ask your dentist? there are dental clinics that specilize in dentures,sometimes a little less costly?

I think you can get your impressions taken before the extractions and have your dentures ready to wear the same day of the extractions, however, I don't think they're going to be very comfrotable to wear, so you will probably have to wait a few days

Justine, Angela and R R are correct. I'm just adding another voice of reason to your responses.

Yes, generally, you can have your teeth removed and your dentures placed that day, but getting to that point can take up to a month.
1st appointment- Meet with dentist and discuss the treatment
2nd appointment--Take impressions of your mouth and you and your dentist will pick out the shape and shade of the teeth that will be placed in denture.
3rd appointment- Some dental offices will see you about one month after second appointment to show you what your dentures will look like and that you are happy with them--if no changes need to be done than you move on to your...
4th appointment--Remove teeth and place dentures
5th appointment--The dentist will have you come in to check your healing and adjust dentures where ever there is a sore spot. This will continue until you have healed enough that your dentures are a good fit.
**This is how most GOOD dental offices will do their denture work. No one should ever let you walk around with no teeth. Hope this answers your questions.

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