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 I'm getting my back wisdom tooth taken out what should i expect?

 How long are we really soppost to brush are teeth for?
how long should we brush are teeth for to get rid of plack sugar and food.
what else can we do to help provent dekay.
how often should we brush our teeth in a day.????????...

 I need 6 crowns on my teeth. Worn them down because of tooth grinding.?
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 Does braces causes marks on your teeth?
I was just wondering if that happens. Cause the braces are on your teeth and when you brush them wouldnt only part of your teeth get white and the part the braces are on top of stay yellow....

 I have been to the dentist to day..?
with tooth ach they put a filling in, and i am in wors pain tonight, what can make it more barable?
does it take a while to settle down?

any advice please
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 Are they for real?
At New York parties I always get a migraine from the brilliant white glare of American teeth. Everyone seems to have a hundred of them and close like a stockade, top and bottom....

 Wisdom teeth?
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 What is the best way to get rid of the smell of alcohol from de mouth.????

 Why is my tongue a white colour?
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Help, please? :P
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I ...

 What are wisdom teeth?

 What's it like getting a filling in a front tooth?
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 Do you have all your real teeth? & how old are you?

 What is this in my mouth?
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 What can i do to stop chewing my nails.?
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 What color is your....?
what color is your tooth brush? Mine is white.
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I love my tooth brush, holds many memories....

 Do i need braces??
i have a overbite and my top teeth cover half of my bottom teeth and i always want 2 smile this weird way cause of it do i need braces??...

 Is this nonsense or does it make sense to any one at all?
Just got home from watching 2 year old GC and was reading her tube of Toddler toothpaste and this is what it says: "You'll love having your child brush w/ oral gel Toddler Paste because it ...

 On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do braces hurt the day after you get them on?
Also, do braces or spacers hurt more? And do you think orange and hot pink are good colors for braces? I will accept any other advice having to do with braces....

 Can kids get braces at age 8?

 I'm sick of flossing my Braces and need help?
I have had braces for 4 months and it takes too long to floss with regular dental floss and do you know any way i can floss more quickly and do you know any flouride things i can use to help keep my ...

I need dental help, but can't afford it. What can I do?
I have four teeth that are broken - one top front, on side front and two molars in the back that are actually broken to the gum line. I took medication for a long time that caused "dry mouth" and I didn't realize the damage it would do to my teeth. They are so weak that they break on things like rice cakes! Oh, and they hurt for sweet, cold and hot. I won't have dental insurance for another 60 days at least. How can I get help now that would be very inexpensive or maybe even free? Dental schools? I live in Dallas and maybe there's something available because it's such a big place? I'm actually losing weight because I can't eat due to pain. I'm taking way too much Advil to even be able to get by.

Don't hesitate to ask for help from Good Will, the Salvation Army, Christians in Action, or some of the large churches in your area. "You have not, because you ask not." The Bible

Some colleges have on campus offices that allow their student denists to "practice". It is not as expensive as a regular dentist, and sometimes may be free. I'd say check it out, call around to see what colleges near you do this kind of thing. Don't forget, they aren't dentists yet...So don't expect a flawless job!

nancy l
some colleges that train dentist will do the work for free or very cheap

one hot mamma
dental schools would be cheaper. maybe you can find a dentist that will take payments until your insurance kicks in. you should find out if your insurance has a waiting period. sometimes they make you wait 6 months to a year to have major work done. you might also see if you qualify for medicaid. good luck

your local hospital maybe able to give u a few places to talk too,

You answered your own question. Dental colleges might be the answer. Students can work on your teeth, but they are supervised by dental instructors. The cost will be far less than what you would pay a regular dentist, but the work is slow and could take considerably longer. If you are due to get dental insurance, it probably won't cover pre-existing conditions, and even if it does, the coverage is limited. I believe the most it pays is 30-50 percent of the bill. Maybe you can find a dentist that will let you make payments over a period of time. However, you do need to get some help since your problem appears to be a major one. Aside from making eating uncomfortable, bad teeth can lead to other physical problems. Try the dental schools first. That seems to be your best bet. Otherwise, see if there is a dentist that will take payments. Mine does. I once owed him over $400, and he accepted $15 payments. It took forever, but I finally paid him off. That was many years ago, but I still go to him and I wouldn't trust anyone else with my teeth. If you can find such a dentist, you will indeed be blessed. But please do something before you end up with false teeth.

I know what you are talkling about.. the dental costs nowadays are horrible.. so bad taht it is cheaper to do nothing. I do not know the solution. I have a solution though. I live next to the Mexican border and it is much cheaper there.. VERY good dentists. I have had many crowns put in.. about $140 each... in the city where I am now.. it is $1,000.. a horrible rip off

Geez, that's tough! Look in your phone book for Citizen's Advocates...if there are some free or cheap services in your city they would be the one's that would know. Getting yourself put in jail for a while is probably out of the question, right? Just a thought...he he. You've only got two months to go...so...oil of cloves....that'll put the pain away for a while.

Put your name down at your local government funded hospital. You will be waiting awhile but you evevtually should get an appointment.

get really really really drunk and then drive to the hospital , and ask to see the newborns and then start screaming allah allah I have a bomb , then you will get freee dental visits

Contact your local or state dental association and and see if there are any dentists who provide free or reduced cost care for low-income, disabled or senior patients.

Call your local health department and ask about health centers that provide dental care for free or on a sliding scale.

Go to a dental school, if there is one near you, for reduced costs.

Check http://www.toothwoman.net to see if low-cost or free dental services are available near you.

Check http://bphc.hrsa.gov and choose "Find a Health Center" to see if there is a low-cost clinic near you.

Check http://www.nfdh.org/DDS.html to see if your state has a "Donated Dental Services" program. D.D.S. is designed to locate dentists who will give free care to patients who are financially compromised due to medical problems. Not all states have D.D.S. programs.

go to a dental school instead of a dental office.. it should be cheaper well not that much cheaper but u can save about 40 dollars or it may help if u have dental insurance.

I know the feeling, u need to get some calcium tablets, go to a dollar store, melt them on your teeth, it will make teeth stronger,
There is a new toothpaste out Enamel Care which makes teeth thick.
Use Sensitive Toothpaste also to help your teeth, green tea bags make teeth strong too.
U could go to the health department in your area and they will tell u where u can go to a dental clinic for 10 bucks a visit.

Some options you can try:

1) Call your local county dental society. Explain to them your situation. Some dental societies have volunteer dentists who donate their services for free to the public via a mobile van or clinic.

2) Many dentists offer a no interest finance plan. You should take care of the immediate ones causing pain; then once your dental insurance kicks in, address your full mouth.

3) Don't take more than 2400mg advil in a day. You risk liver toxicity.

4) Contact your state's local department of social services. You may be able to temporarily acquire free state dental insurance allocated to the low income.

Good luck!

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