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I,m scared 2 go to the dentist but i really need to go HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

What are we supposed to do? Go for you?

Clyde Banks
Just think...that big drill drilling into your teeth..and what if the drill slips...blood and bone everywhere..and the pain...oh the pain..lmao...wimp

Ask your friends to recommend 1. Everybody hates them but some arent as bad as others

it so dosent matter if ur scared. face ur fears. theres nothing 2 worry about. ask ne 1 recommendments 4 a good orthodontist or dentist. a good trusted friend preferrably. im sure that they can make a good recommendations! good luck!

Ask you doctor or maybe the dentist to prescribe you an anti anxiety medication. My friend has to take valium before she goes to the dentist, they prescribe her 2 pills everytime she goes.
One for 4 hours before and one for right before. You will need someone to drive you there and back though. It does wonders for her.

.♥♥♥♥ lechat_thecat .♥♥♥♥
maybe have a close friend to go in with you or maybe your mum or dad you may seem like a kid but if you got to see somone important its got to be done

don't worry if you get nervous while the doctor is in your mouth just breath through your nose you are going to have to face your fear sooner or later it is better to go to the dentist to treat your teeth so they can be healthy

If you are really scared take someone with you.Ask your friends or family to recommend a friendly dentist.Also explain your fear to the receptionist when you ring up and they will help you.

Dentists are well trained medical professionals. Phone the practice and tell them that you are terrified and they are very good at reassuring you when you go. Nobody likes going to the dentist, but i'd rather put myself through it once a year than have no teeth. Be open about your feelings when you go, they'll do their best to look after you. When it's all over you'll feel so much better.

Hi nobody likes the dentist try and find one that deals with nervous patients, this is what i done and dont regret it has made a world of difference.

busola h
i used to be scared too, until i went to a dentist one day in a hospital one day, unfortunately there is a Labour room right next to the dentist... and guess what, while i was there, squirming from the injection, i heard a woman in labour... ever seen that live?? or heard a woman in labour?? think of it, then youll know that the pain from dentist is zilch .. put yourself in a womans place... Thumbs up to all you mothers out there..

i have a phobia of dentists as well. But you have to either go or face a toothache getting worse. I ended up with a abcess (spelling) once from holding out on going.....

Hi jacob like you I was terrified but I got an abcesss under my tooth and was in agony because of my fear but I rang my dentist and they gave me a sedative (in my arm) which was painless and when I woke up I had been treated and I didnt know anything about it ,please go they are very understanding..

I hate dentist's, i had not been to the dentists up until 5 years ago for something like 23 years!!! My teeth were becoming troublesome i knew i had to go!! The dentist i have now you go once a year, and i can stomach that! Mate you really do have to go, the longer you leave it the worse in the long run it will be!!! My dentist does'nt even give you a jab before a filling!!! MAKE THAT APPOINTMENT OR YOU WILL BE SORRY ( TRUST ME )

I was abused by the dentist so I know what u are feeling. Every time they have to sedate me.

Sexy Red
Hi im also a baby when it comes to dentist it the smell and the fault off going makes you feel sick,be strong and go for it.Good Luck

Get a good recommendation from someone. I've never enjoyed going to the dentist, but now go regularly - and, luckily, don't ever need to have anything done. It's that first trip that's the worst - you have to confront your fear, or carry on with toothache, and watch them rot in your mouth. That consideration was enough to make me go - there's nothing worse than toothache. Also, take someone with you, whom you trust, and they can keep you distracted before going in. It's the waiting that really winds you up!
Best of luck, and hope you get your trip to the dentist soon.

i got jumped by a gang a few years back and they smashed my front teeth. But i was so scared of the dentist i just put up with the pain for ages, bearing in mind i also looked stupid with half a set of front teeth. But i plucked up the courage after a while to go and get it sorted. Sitting in the waiting room i was petrified, but once i got in the room and explained to the dentist i was scared, she made the effort to explain to me what she was doing and what i was going to feel! I had to go for a few visits to sort the old gnashers out and now i really don't mind the dentist! Just get up and do it, it really is'nt that bad!!!!

Just till him/her to inject you with a drug-----you won't feel anything

you have got to listen to me plzzz! I was like you, i had to get all my teeth pulled and let me tell you I never ever felt a thing, I swear on my life if you dont believe now you should. Also my 9 year old son went and had a filling put in and didnt fell anything. He now wants to know when he can go back. you will not feel anything I promise you this!

just go and don't think about it. after 10 minutes it'll be done and you'll be ok for another 6 months

Its not that scary, I been too many times.
Its best u overcome the fear, just sing a good song in your brain and go right on in and get it over with.
Just relax in the dentist chair, take deep breathes, breath thru bellybutton, close eyes when the dentist tells u to open mouth so no spit will get in your eyes.
It is simple, just go, get it over with and then u will laugh about the fear later.

If you're in pain, speak to your doctor and you may be able to be treated at your local hospital.
Can I add I was in and out in a day!

There are some Dentists that will do conscious sedation. Look in the Yellow Pages they should advertise this. You will not remember anything going this route.

you need to just go for it, but make sure you find yourself a really good dentist first. Try to avoid a newly quallified dentist they can be a bit nervous themselves.

you need willpower, just do it! it's for your own good!

U B Happy
I used to have the same problem, now I have no fear of dentists. Be honest about your fear to the dentist; also some dentists specialize in no pain and helping patients with fear problems. You might notice that mentioned in some yellow page ads.

The thought of the dentist is usually worse than the actual visit. They are certainly not the demons the are (were) made out to be.

The bizarre twist with dentists is that once you start going ( and provided you brush and floss in between visits) the chances of actually needing anything painful done goes right down. Dentists are all about preventative dentistry now.

They will show you and help you look after your teeth so that subseqent visits are nothing to be afraid of, because the chances are that you will not need anything doing.

Go this once, and follow your brush/floss regime properly, and when you get the all clear the next time, I suspect each subseqent visit will be a less anxious affair.

Good luck, and it is actually a good thing to get into the habit of going.

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