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 I still got my wisdom teeth?
I had my lower wisdom teeth for a few years but my top just finsihed showing up. is it bad if I have them for too long? also I heard that if you dont get them take out they will push all your teeth ...

 Will your face sink in if you have 2 teeth pulled on one side?
I had a tooth pulled on my right side several years ago and now I need another one pulled rght by that gap. Will this affect my mouth or appearance in any way. I am 29 years old if that makes any ...

 I have a lump on the roof of my mouth, I don't smoke or chew tobacco. Has anyone experienced this before?

 What's more important for dental health: mouthwash or flossing?
For those days when you're pressed for time and you've brushed your teeth and can only do one followup, either to floss or to use mouthwash, which of these would teeth benefit most from?...

 How painful is it for the dentist to extract, ie. pull teeth?

 My boyfriend is in pain. Help!!!?
About a week ago, my boyfriend started complaining about his gums and jaw being sore. He's 24 and his wisdom teeth are just now starting to come through so that's what we thought was ...

 Is it normal 4 teeth 2 be slightly loose when in ur adult years?
just ...

 Bad Jaw Pain?
Recently, I've been having a pian in my jaw. It feels very tight, uncomfortable during movement, and hurts for about 3 hours. And it pops when I open it or move it left to right.

Also ...

 My teeth need to come out?
Four of my teeth are wiggely and I want to get them out, fast! Any tips on how to make them come out faster?
Additional Details
By the way, I'm not stupid and I know I can just pull ...

 What's it like getting wisdom teeth out?
I am having all four at once, done by an oral surgeon. General Anesthesia being used. I was told that i won't remember much from the entire visit to the oral surgeon's office.


 Do braces hurt !!!!?

 I havent brushed my teeth since i was a kid?
i havent brushed them in years is it to late for me to brush them i dont want them to fall out and when i use to brush them they use to bleed???????
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 I brush my teeth 3 times a day, and I got a freakin cavity! How?
I dont even eat an excessive amount of sugar. I brush thouroly (i cant spell). My dentist was "proud" of me, and my mom cant believe it either. Why do the most innocent people get the bad ...

 Best thing to do for a toochache?

 How to get rid of bad breath?!?
i brush my teeth an toung everyday my teeth have no holes i eat fairly okay i dunno it doesnt go away what can i do that lasts a little longer than a mint?
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*and , just ...

 Are wisdom teeth removed under local or general anasthetic?
Do they knock patients out totally or just numb the mouth when removing wisdom teeth?...

 How to whiten Teeth?
how do you whiten teeth really easy when you have braces. No retarded answers ...

 With all the technology these days.. How come...?
How come we have the best technology, best military, can send a man to the moon, but we still have cavities and toothaches are so painful?...

 Should my 3 year old get a root canal?
My son had some trauma to his two front teeth. They are discolored (bruising) and the dentist said that if they are in danger of "dying" a root canal may be able to salvage them. Of ...

 Hey guys I am getting braces for two years and they cost 5000$?

I just got my lip pierced yesterday. Am I able to drink soda?
Am I able to drink soda when I got my lip pierced yesterday?

dood i have no idea about whether you can drink soda... but forget all these kids...
they are cute on some girls but...
especially the rings on guys...
i hope my next boyfriend has one.

Nothing personnel but if you got your lip pierced you likely have a problem with most activity's

well u can as long as it doesnot pain

Soda should be goof for it.

yes,..but why pour all that soda in a fresh wound?
use common sense,..oh you didn't do that cuz you got your lip pierced in the first place.

yeah do whatever you want.

Dan H
gah lip piercings are so pointless...but you could probabley drink soda now

Cinnamon Girl [Blueprint III]
u shld kno , try n c what happens ..... rlly im not joking , tell me what happens , go do it right now .

well , u shld use a straw

I change my name72
I don't think you be able to gust yet.I would weight for about two days until time.

Sportz Lover
yes as long as it does not hert

Not sure about soda, but follow the precautions listed at this website.

Follow the directions from the person piercing your lip. I would also encourage you to start putting some money away to pay for all of the dental work you will be needing in the future because lip and tongue piercings are notorious for chipping your teeth. Best advice to you, take it out and leave it out.

mr. dorkface

I would stick to drinkin water and maybe some flavored waters for week or so so it has time to heal or it will get infected!!! but if u do try not to get it next to ur ring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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