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I just got braces yeturday but my dentist only put it on the bottom...?
i just got braces yeturday but my dentist only put it on the bottom he said that in a couple of months he'll put on the top one's! is that ok?? i have siver braces (metal)

Yeah that's what my dentist did :-) Gotta trust the guy :-p

Nope, that's terrible - that dentist is trying to mess up your teeth!!!
Just kidding, its fine or they wouldn't have done it. Many people i have known have only had braces put on the bottom so its fine. At least now your whole mouth doesn't hurt, you can get use to this and then when you get the others put on your be ready for it!

Claire Bear
yea its fine. if your braces start to cut our gums, then wax is your best bud. trust me i know. ive already had braces on top, now on tuesday im getting them again on the top and bottom.

That is normal. That is what they did with my daughter. I don't know if your pain has set in yet but you will be glad they only did the bottom for now.

well its better than having both top and bottom on at the same time. Silver is a nice color to get.

That's fine. Don't worry about, I'm sure your dentist knows what he's doing. Just be glad you didn't get the whole thing all at once otherwise your mouth would've hurt a lot more.

Yes its ok. Sometimes your bite is a little off and that is why they do not put them both on at the same time. They do not want your braces to scrape against your teeth .I thought that was going to happen to me put the top on first and then the bottom. But once my Ortho took my impressions she decided it was ok to put them both on.

dats what they did 4 me. Do u have a expander thing?

David K
I am getting my braces on next Thur and it will take an hour to put them on the top and bottom .

yeah that is ok. Different dentists have their own ways of putting on braces. You may just need to wait until your bottom teeth get straighter and then he will put the top on.

yes it is ok, im not a dentist but in a couple of weeks i might have to get braces and it is perfectly fine. He maybe wanting to puton the braces when they grow or to waite and see if u dont need them

Stardust Fairy
Yes. They want you to get adjusted to bottoms ones at first. If they put all on at once it might be too painful to adjust to. Maybe the bottom ones need to be on longer then the top. Good luck with them and remember some foods you can not eat anymore. Stick to the list you don't want them to break.

Best Wishes.

yes that is what most dentists do they put one set of your braces in and then a little while later they put in the other set.

It's ok with me.

Beer Advocate
That's normal, your bottom row of teeth just needed more work than the top row.

Yes, not only is that ok, it's normal.

wish I were
Yes it's normal!

Why wouldn't it be okay? Your bottom teeth are probably more out of align and need to adjusted some first before the top ones are done as well.

um, yeah? why wouldnt it be?

Anna J
yes that is very common.....dont worry about it...in a few years...you will have straight beautiful teeth!!! trust your dentist...im sure he does that a lot!!!

I just got my braces in April and a similar thing happened to me. I got my top ones first and just this monday I got my bottom ones on (they really hurt) : ) But this is totally fine, it's just that sometimes the top and the bottom teeth move at different rates. I also have the same metal ones as you. So don't worry, and good luck on your braces adventure, I'm still getting used to mine ; )

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